What is the Birkin I should be looking for? What color and size?

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  1. Hello Hermes/purse lovers...

    I am close to doing something that might be considered horrible...even a sin...give up a 35 cm Togo Blue Jean Birkin. I know I want a Birkin for myself, but at first glance of it I thought its color was not as versatile as I would like, and thus not perfect for my taste. Yet, I opened my mind to it: it does stand out as a nice accent, especially with black and neutrals. I know I should read every post in the Hermes section before I ask this what is sure to be redundant question: But what is the best color/ size for the Birkin? What should I be holding out for? What is the best type of leather?

    When I see it I want to know it is "the one". Does anyone think the Blue Jean might be the one and I should not let it pass my doorstep for any reason?

    I am blonde, and 5 foot 7. So, initally I was thinking like a nice warm caramel type color, perhaps in a smoother leather, not togo. Does this exist? What Birkins do we own and covet? What does the world of Hermes have to offer me? (I went in the store and they said they had no catalog or anything to look through - is there a website with photos?)

    Finding the perfect Birkin for a lifetime may be like finding the perfect man, except with the bag maybe I can know what "it" looks like before I see it.

    My boyfriend doesn't like the Birkin...(gasp)...he says it is an "old lady bag" and prefers the Gaucho by Dior. He says it would make me too nervous to wear something so expensive. Maybe so. Despite what he says I think I could handle it.

    The Birkin is the Queen bag of bags, is it not? I long to own a bag that does not bow down to trends, and that if I bought it, even if it is expensive, it is for a lifetime. A sound investment I think.

    (Wow I just noticed the informative catalog...maybe I spoke too soon...I am editing this post to add this sentence! Sorry if I asked an obviously already answered question!)
    Thanks for your input in advance, and best wishes to everyone.
  2. Wow...no responses here...hmm you deserve at least one. Read the sticky threads and then come back and ask your questions. I think if you llike a larger bag like a tote go with a 35. (for more of a purse go with a 30) No one can ever tell you what color...just narrow down your favorites and put them all on your waitlist. The hardware in my opinion depends a bit on the color bag. Even if one wants palladium sometimes the gold does look better with certain combos. THat was a quick summarization...come back with your indecisions and we will vote.
  3. Considering the fact that you're still selling the Blue Jean (link), it is definitely not "the one," so you've answered your own question. It will pass your doorstep, just like every other bag.
  4. Yep, hee hee, blue jean is not for you if you are selling, but that is ok. You need to do some shopping and looking and find what really hits you. That will be the "the one". There are several colors for me that could be "the one" for now...you will know when you see it.
  5. I think the color gold is a very good neutral and goes with everything. I do see it most often in Togo leather with white stitching, though.
  6. Actually I am returning it to Hermes today. It did not sell. I asked a Hermes seller on ebay who is known to sell real bags, and he/she said that Hermes usually sells after a couple listings, and not immediately. That said, I don't want to take the risk. I am pretty sure I can get money back on my credit card now but not later. If I am keeping it, I have to be cool with the idea of really keeping it. I would have gone down as low as $500 over retail if anyone had offered. I did get a lot of PMs about it, but I think even at retail it is a big expense, and some people were not sure about the color.

    As far as every other bag... I have already eyed a couple that will be staying will me if no Birkin pops into view.
  7. Even if you return the bag, you do not get the money back. You get store credit which means you have to spend the same amount of money at hermes as much as your birkin cost on somthing else.
  8. The girl who sold it to me told me that I could get money back, and the Manager told me they would honor that. (Within 10 days)
  9. Wow - my store isn't like that.
  10. Return policy is universal in any Hermes. WOW, that's very weird. There is a very clear written statement on the back of you receipt about return policy. Interesting...
  11. :lol: :lol:
    :lol: :lol:
  12. I know, weird. When I bought it I was very clear about asking about the return policy and she said I could get credit back on the card within 10 days. Then when I called SF they said the same thing, but when I talked to the manager she said they may or may not. Odd. Anyway, we'll see.
  13. Anyway, forget the blue jean, what birkin is a neutral that is more desirable?
  14. Personal preference really comes into play. For me, I prefer a bag (in this particular style) that is more like a handbag, and I love beige tones, or else certain tones of green (not emerald, though). I also love the brown shades, too.

    It'll probably be different for you, Art. Also, you are lucky to be quite tall -- taller than I am, anyway!
  15. Hi Art. Is this for you? Or for sale/market? If it is for you, what is your wardrobe like? That will help narrow it down.
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