what is the biggest discount you can get on a rolex watch?

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  1. from an authorized dealer?

    i know most will do 15% and i know a jeweler who can do 20% off.....i'm curious if anyone, or knows anyone, who has ever gotten 25% off or more?
  2. I don't know too much about rolex and discounts........
    I HEARD from a friend that authorized dealers are required to sign a contract where they are not allowed to discount rolex watches else risk loosing their authorized dealer status. I don't know how true that is. It was hearsay from a casual conversation.
    I didn't pay close attention as I wasn't looking to pick up one.
    Maybe someone else on this forum knows more.....
  3. I went to numerous Rolex dealers prior to making my purchase and the highest they would budge (at 6 different stores) was waiving the sales tax. I just got my midsized datejust with oyster bracelet for $4700 out the door. I have never heard of anyone getting one for 15% off or more. If someone will do 20% you are really lucky, just make sure they are an authorized Rolex dealer :yes:.

    Rolex actually has the lowest dealer markup than most high end watches which is why they are not as negotiable as some other brands. Also, if Rolex discovers a store that is lowering the price to consumers at a price lower than they are allowed, they will yank away their authorization to sell Rolex anymore!

    Rolex has even been known to send in "decoys" into authorized dealers in an attempt to get the SA to sell at a price they are not allowed to....then they bust them! :wtf:
  4. I went to an authorised dealer as my mum wanted a rolex. The SA told me that Rolex sets the prices and there is no discount period! (i think if we paid cash we could take 10 % off, which is equivalent to it being GST/Tax free if we were going out of the country)
  5. The most I know is 20% off for cash in the UK. personally it is best to get from an authorised dealer.
  6. I got 15% off at an authorized retailer.
  7. when my parents were buying theirs, the retailer said that the basic stainless steel ones had less discount to offer, but if we wanted the gold/diamond ones, he would've offered 25% discount, at the very least...can't remember how much discount we ended up getting, but i think it was at least 15%
  8. I think the more expensive the watch, the better the chances of a discount. When my parents purchased their gold/diamond ones, they got a great discount (maybe similar to what takeoutbox/Irene mentioned at 25%). When they got their gold/stainless steel ones, they were still able to get a good discount paying in cash, but it was through a different Rolex dealer. :smile: A discount like that is great, especially considering the rising prices of Rolex's! I hope you manage to get a good discount! :smile:
  9. Where was that? I've never heard of any discount, when my parents bought mine they asked if there was a cash discount and were told no
  10. My friend bought a Rolex back to last 3 years ago and she can get 25% discounted and also a tax refund. First, she have planned to buy a normal one without diamond but the SA encouraged her with the 25% discounted so she paid for the diamond one. She bought it from a trusted dealer watch so am sure her watch is real too.

    Not everyone get this offer. I need to come with my friend if I wanna buy a watch and then I could get those offer. Not only rolex but also cartier, Gucci and Heuer too.
  11. yeah, if you're in buisness or knows anybody that is in buisness, then you know they cut corners. that's how us consumers get lots of the good deals or the ones who know how to haggle the best get even the better deals. yeah, they are taking a risk of loosing their dealer status, but they're taking the chance.
  12. It depends on which one you want and what "official" dealer you go to.......I call Bullsh-- on the 25% though (unless maybe it is Gold or Platinim).....I hear that crap all day long........
  13. I know that the discounts range from 15%-18%. If I'm not mistaken 3 years ago, there was a possibility where you could get it for 25% off. Today, Rolex is very strict with their discounts.

    I recently purchased the oyster perpetual jubilee with diamonds and pearl face for $7350 and I received a little more than 18% discount.
  14. I'm pretty sure you can get more than 20%, but it depends on your relationship with your jeweler.
  15. Well, my dad is a good friend of Rolex, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin & Cartier dealers in 2 countries. Because Arabs are known for their generosity, they give their good friends big discounts. My dad gets Rolex and Piaget by the cost price straight from the dealer!!!!