What Is The Big Deal About Botkier???

  1. In a moment of delirium I ordered the Botkier Clyde Tote from NM in pewter. It was on sale and much less than I had planned to spend but I thought I would give it a try seeing how much so many ladies seem to love this brand. Maybe it is a generational thing (I'm 43) but boy am I disappointed with the bag I recieved today. The quality of the leather is flimsy as is the hardware...needless to say it is going back. Am I missing something here? Is there no decent bag under $1,000??? I guess you get what you pay for. Any thoughts on a metallic (but not LV)?
  2. look at Gryson or Lockheart. Both companies make great quality bags that stand the test of time.
  3. I love the Botkier that I have (Bianca medium and clutch) because the leather is so soft, it is lined in suede which is rare for a bag that's $600. I also love the mix of structured and slouchy and it has a few outside pockets to store stuff I need quickly and more often like my phone and keys. The trigger bags also have a strong following because they have a lot of compartments and hold a lot of stuff without being too large.

    I just got a metallic Botkier stirrup bag and it does not feel as nice as my Bianca by any means. Also, the metallic leathers are not dyed through so they are not as soft as the other Botkiers. Botkier's generally are a little edgier of look without have a lot of hardware on the bags.

    If you are looking for something well-made and more classic look at Furla. It is Italian made and under $500. Very nice and well-made.
  4. No, Furla doesn't do it for me...never has. I am pretty much a tried and true Prada/Tod's girl...I was just trying to see if I could sneak away without spending a small fortune again. I guess not...thanks for the input.
  5. I don't like Botkier either, and I am 26, so what's my excuse? :smile: In fact, I think it looks like fake Balenciaga.:yucky:
  6. i think there was a thread not long ago about Tod's new Mirror collection. they were metallics and they sure were pretty. but i'm sure they're gonna cost you a fortune again, but should be worth it. ;)
  7. I never cared for the Clyde at all myself. But I like Botkier in general. I seem to like their bags by collection. Either I like a particular collection or I don't. Just was at Nordy's and saw the Sophie collection. I like that one. That's my 2 cents...
  8. i have 2 botkiers and i think they are amazing
    one is the essex east/west sachel and the leather is beautiful very different from the leather on the bianca, (which i also love but its much floppier) the essex is very sturdy sophisticated leather def amazing

    and i would never ever compare it to balenciaga i think balenciaga kind of looks like a plastic bag but not botkier !
  9. I love the Botkier Crosby in Rust...:love:

    I ordered a medium Trigger Luxe last year, but it was was too big for me.
  10. I have 3 Botkiers, so clearly I'm a fan. None of them are metallic, so I'm not sure how those are. But my fan hobo, Crosby and Bombay Satchel's leathers are all very nice and durable.
  11. You could ask this question about any brand. If a particular brand doesn't suit you, then all you have to do is not buy it. Saves you money for the brands you do like!:smile:
  12. ITA.
    I don't like Botkier either so I don't buy their bags. :yes:
  13. The only thing Botkier & Balenciaga have in common is that the Trigger bags have cowhide tassels on the zipper pulls.

    That's it. Lazy comparison.

    Botkiers have totally different leather, shape, organization, and design.
  14. I think it's just a matter of style preference. In general I love Botkier. I have a Bombay satchel and a Crosby Hobo and there is Nothing flimsey or thin about the leather. Actually it is quite thick. BUT, I also had a Trigger and a Bianca (both popular styles) that I sold because I didn't like the leather, or style. I just ordered a Top Handle satchel a day ago.
    I never cared for the Clyde either. Look at some of the other Botkier styles before you give up on them.
  15. I love my Trigger-I got it from the Lucky Shops event. Although it was $610 they had it for $260. Maybe that's why I like it even more!:yes: It's not flimsy leather at all and has a bunch of compartments to hold things while still being a nice looking bag! I love the Lockheart bags, too-but they are a lot more money and when I tried one IRL they are also very heavy!