what is the best

  1. exercise to loose your tummy? I know sit ups but I just CANT do them..... maybe running?>??
  2. Watching your diet, working out consistently (both weights and cardio) and some ab work. It's not do or die - no need to kill yourself doing sit-ups. What matters more is diet and reducing your body fat. And again, it's not guaranteed that you will lose fat in the area you want to. You can't spot reduce. Genetics plays a large role in where you tend to store fat, unfortunately.

    Just be patient, make changes in your diet, and begin a steady exercise routine. Good luck.
  3. The best exercise to help your stomach...cardio.
  4. Have a low fat diet (that means low sugar and carb also!) which is high in protein and fiber!
    Lots and I mean LOTS of cardio! 45-60 minutes, 6 times a week!
    And also some strength training on your abs to tone but nothing extreme. A good variety of crunches daily or every other day should suffice.
  5. Cardio and running! When i cheered our choach always told us if you didnt get rid of the belly fat before you worker on abs the fat would still be there on top of the abs and make you look like you had a beer belly!

  6. This is true. My tummy is also my trouble spot. I wish you could spot reduce.
  7. There are plenty of exercises aiming at abs that don't involve getting down on the floor & hurting your neck/back. I do these standing moves kind of like kicking but you crunch your abs..... it's hard to explain but it works:smile:
  8. I do a combo of strength training, cardio, & functional exercises (i.e. sit ups).