What is the Best ......

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  1. leave in hair treatment for dry hair ?
  2. Kerastase Forcintense (or something like that)
    It's a green tube, you'll LOVE it!
  3. http://www.farouk.com/biosilk/silktherapy/product/st-st.htm

    I use it before blow drying and again, right before I use my straight iron. I buy it at Trade Secret.

    It leaves my hair soooo smooth and shiny... actually looking like it was healthy LoL
    (and it really isn't... the highlighting is so rough on my hair...)
  4. Another vote for Kerastase.:yes:
  5. On the cheap side, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is great for a deep conditioner, and they have a nice leave-in as well. But I definitely agree with the Biosilk rec!
  6. you might want to try l'oreal liss extreme leave on conditioner....
  7. PHYTO ultra nourishing oil treatment for dry hair, I use it as an overnighter
  8. :yes: same here! i love Kerastase
  9. Terax Crema is another good one!
  10. Plain old coconut oil. It has worked just fine for billions of people for thousands of years.

    Just put a tiny bit and work it through from roots to ends, don't use too much, you are not trying to look like Vajpayee.