What is the best year for a Black City?

  1. I love my 2006 s/s black city - but the leather on my 2001 le dix and f/w 2006 Rouge Vif is really something special. I began flirting with the idea of finding the perfect black city. I love the smooshy spongy leather of my other two bags - so I was just wondering if there was a year where the leather on the Black City bags was really wonderful? (and what color the hardware was that year too?)

    This is more for the memory banks - or for the future as my bag funds are tapped out now for quite a while.

    Is there a year that the leather etc. on the black cities was considered the best?

    B-bag experts - let me hear from ya! :heart:
  2. i thought the 03 black was pretty fantastic, but even in that year, the leather had some variations.
  3. I like my '05 s/s leather. It's really, really soft. The earlier bags are so hard to find now, and so expensive--maybe one of this vintage would be just fine, and more affordable??
  4. I am partial to the 05' since I have one. The leather is the BEST ever!
  5. I just saw a black from this season and it was amazing: very thick leather and not veiny and marbely at all so you might get a new black later in the year.
  6. i should add that i have a s/s 05 black twiggy and the leather on it is perfect to me. still thick and smooshy, but not as smooth as on the 03.
  7. By chance I found the most amazing 06 last winter. It stood out like a sore thumb from the others. It's the softest leather I've ever seen, like butter - no veining, no marbling. It's not thick but that's my preference for me a bbag has to pull and slouch from the handles with nothing in them.
  8. This is gonna be such a FUN, and informative thread for me, since me wants a black City or Work!:yes:

    Thanks Beaux, for starting this one!!!
  9. I have an 04 black city and it has the softest leather out of all my bbags (appart from my 02 first).
  11. I have three s/s '05 black bags (first, city and day) and the leather is great on all of them but I have heard that the leather is even nicer on the '02-'04 bags.
  12. I agree '05 is quite nice--the leather on my Black City has gotten even better with time; matte & smooshy.
  13. Do your 2004 city bags have brass or silver toned hardware?
  14. I like the 05 best. I've "felt up" :lol: a bunch of 06 blacks and I don't like their leather at all. I find the 06 blacks look grayish because of the distressing. They look like marbles :wtf:. The 04 leather was wonderful, but I don't like the silver hardwear. I like the 05 blacks because they're soft and squishy and the bronze hardwear gives the bag such a rustic appeal - I love it.:love:
  15. ^^I prefer bronze hardware too.
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