What is the best website

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  1. for an Isabella Fiore? - I am about to give in to my need to own one. Thx.
  2. Vlad, since you know so much about legitimate websites... what about overstock.com and smartbargains.com? I saw a few Fendi and Prada bags on there and is wondering if they are authentic. Thanks Vlad!
  3. You can also buy from Saks, Neimans and Bergdorf Goodman. I prefer to buy from major department stores so if I change my mind I can just bring it back to the store. Norstrom's also carries Isabella Fiore but I don't think that you can buy it online.

    I beleive adasa is in Hawaii. If you buy from them make sure u want the bag and have viewed it somewhere in person bcuz i don't know what their return policy is like.

    Hope that helps. Which bag are you thinking about getting??
  4. Definitely thumbs up on both. :idea:
  5. I like the Metal of Honor Ingrid Messenger - very S&M but interesting. It's on the Adasa website but my contact in Saks will let me know.[​IMG]when it shows up.
  6. Nice. i would love to have that bag if it came in black