What is the best website for hair cut photos?

  1. I'm looking for a new 'do....wanted some styles to look at! Thanks!

  2. I'm interested in this too -- every hair website I go to has like 80 million pop up messages and flashing windows, etc.
    I'd just like to find a "normal" website that shows some hair styles.. .
  3. Count me in too! I want to get a few ideas for a new look :smile:
  4. me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. this is usually where i go when i'm looking for photos of hairstyles...


    i woudln't say it's amazing, but it's one of the best sights i've been able to find. you can search by hair color, length, texture, face shape, etc. so it's actually pretty useful.
  6. this is my favorite one http://www.hairstyleswatch.com/ theres links to the right-hand side with a ton of pics, mostly of celebrities but great for inspiration