What is the best way to store a Vernis Hudson?

  1. If I buy a Vernis Hudson, what is the best way to store it? In the LV dust cover or is there a better way to prevent color transfer? I just wouldn't want any color from the dustcover to get on the bag either :hrmm:
  2. If you don't plan on wear your houston for while, may be you can wrap the handles with tissue. I saw people bag got color transfer from handles. I don't know for sure about about dustcover. I keep my reade in dustcover for years and so far no color transfer. It doesn't take long for vernis to absorb other color. I used to have vernis cles in red, I put it under my brown leather reading glasses case ( I didn't know I did that). Came home from 2 weeks vacation...I found big brown stains on my cles..I had to sell that baby
  3. There's a Vernis Hudson? Or did you mean Houston? I have a baby blue Houston that's a few years old stored away in my closet in its dustbag and I've had no problems :smile:
  4. :amazed: I almost got a heart attack when I read "Vernis HUDSON". That would be sooooooooo interesting :love: You mean the Houston, do you?
  5. OOPS... I'm so sorry, I meant Houston , not Hudson. Sorry about the typo.....can I blame it on LV & being excited about maybe getting the Vernis Houston in Beige :love: LOL....
  6. LMAO...I just assumed it houston...
    Husdon in vernis will be yummoooo
  7. Just put in the dust bag and box. Vernis is more durable than ya think, it is heat that makes it more suceptable to color transfer, and that is only when it up against something like newspaper or magazine for a long period of time. Enjoy it!
  8. Boy, you all are just *THE BEST* !! :flowers: I appreicate all the info on how to store an Vernis. I store all my other LV & Gucci in their dustcovers in the closet all cozy and wanted to make sure it was ok for Vernis too.
    I let the Beige HOUSTON I was asking this question for ( not Hudson..lol ) get away on ebay but now I'm looking at a light blue. Maybe I'll give that one a new home :yes:
    hardLVcore! thanks also for the heads up on it being more durable than I would think! I was scared I had to be reeeally careful with it. Guess I still do a little since I'm In "HOTZONA" in the heat!