What is the best way to prevent/minimize a Scar?

  1. Hey Gals,

    I need your advice!

    I have a very small cut (less than 1/2 in) but I would like to prevent it from scarring.

    Any tips/tricks for preventing a scar????
  2. Massage massage massage!! I had breast reduction surgery and my surgeon told me that if I massaged my incisions everyday (after they had healed enough of course) then they wouldn't turn into bad scars.

    I massaged twice/day (morning and night) in a circular motion and now I have no scars at all.
  3. there is this basic product I had never heard of until someone suggested it by johnson and johnson, it looks like this:


    this stuff has worked very well for me in terms of preventing scars. even neosporin works too.
  4. They say cocoa butter helps, but it still takes a long time to see results. I had a breast biopsy done in January and have rubbed the cocoa butter on it every day, but it's still pretty noticeable. Who knows if it might look worse, though, if I hadn't done that.
  5. def cocoa butter
  6. i swear by elizabeth ardens eight hour cream. it was created by her vet to heal and protect the skin of her race horses.it really works.
  7. Awesome suggestions!! Thank you! I will definitely try some :tup:

    Has anyone tried the Curad scar prevention kit???
  8. I've heard you can get some lotion that will help hide scars once you have them, but unfortunately I don't know the name or where you can get it. I've been thinking about trying to find some myself as I have a big scar on my knee.
  9. Vitamin E oil
  10. Bio Oil - amazing product
  11. Don't pick at your scratch/cut. I learnt this the hard way.
  12. I used to use Palmers Scar Serum, couldn't get over the smell and for some strange reason started using aloe vera. And it's worked so well! I also heard that rubbing aloe into your hands each night can slow the appearance of age spots.
  13. ive heard that 100% all natural aloe vera is great for it but you might want to double check w/ a doctor first.
  14. Not sure if this is true, but don't eat shrimp/prawns - maybe even seafood - till it has completely healed! Otherwise, not only will it scar, but it will start puffing up - it won't be smooth. Hope that makes sense. :sweatdrop: