what is the best way to buy a genuine purse?

  1. My mother in law was going to go to new york and buy some purses. But someone just told me that the purses in new york are fake. So what is the best way or where could she buy a real genuine purse? SHe wa going to go to china town and other places in new york. Where in new york can she buy a real purse?
  2. Oh we're having fun tonight!

    Target have real genuine purses.
  3. Im a bit concerned as EVERY post u made before this was about getting a fake.

    I order to get a GENUINE bag..U need to go to a genuine boutique.
    (Chanel..Prada...Gucci..they all have their own stores...)
  4. Is this for real? .........
  5. sigh....
  6. someone is persistent!!!!
  7. Please don't buy a fake bag, It will most likely fall apart and be a waist of money... Every fake bag I have seen is ugly and you shouldnt support it. Designers take alot of time and money making designs and quality products and its not fair for these knockoffs to be on the market. just my opinion.
  8. no we are not trying to buy any fakes. She has the money to get real ones that's why i'm aaking these questions. I was in no way trying to get any fakes. she wants the real thing.
  9. You said ur mom is throwing a purse party consisting of about 50 bags...that seems really fishy. 50 authentic bags is major money for anyone.

    Anyways, i'd try real boutiques and dept stores like Saks or NM like Jill said.
  10. :wtf:
  11. that's all i was asking. Since i said she wants 50 bags you all just assumed they were going to be fake. Like i said she has the money to get them. you all jump tpp conclusins to fast.
  12. So your mother can afford 50 Coach or Chloe bags at an average of, say, (totally hypothetical) at least $500 apiece? What's the math on that? $25,000? The big names in bags (such as Coach, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Chloe) HATE resellers, and if she waltzed into the Coach boutique and tried to buy 50 bags, they'd know something was up. People have been banned from designer stores for reselling. Plus, she'd have to pay retail, and she wouldn't make a profit.
  13. I think inquiring about buying 50 authentic bags would warrant suspicion.
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  15. Yeah, unless you went to a Coach outlet. And even there it would be questioned, probably (speaking as a former employee here)

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    Candace, I love you.