What is the best time to eBay during the X-Mas season?


Oct 26, 2006
This is my first post on the forum, but I've been a longtime lurker. :smile: Apologies if this has already been posted but I really value everyone's input on this board and any help would be seincerely appreciated. I would like sell a few things on eBay (clothes mainly..I couldn't bear to part with my bag collection). When would be the best time to put them up? Before or after Christmas? I know some people are shopping now for the holidays but will they have hit their retail quota after the holidays? Or perhaps looking to spend their recently received Christmas money?

Thanks so much! I really look forward to what you guys have to say!
Best time to sell (depending on the season of your clothes) is when everyone is stuck inside due to snow, rain, etc. Jan & Feb can be good months if people have $$$.
I have found in my experience that eBay is very seasonal. For example, don't sell sandals in winter, and don't sell sweaters in summer. It's kind of an instant gratification type of site. I've heard some people say that there is a lot of activity after the holidays because people get money as gifts and they are looking to spend it on things they wanted but didn't get.
i just sold a wallet, and it reached my reserve price. i was hoping it would go for a little more because i've seen similar wallets go for much higher... but it didn't. at least i got to sell for the the lowest amount i was willing to take.

another one of my items, a dvd set, did not sell. i'm not a regular seller on ebay, so i'm not sure when the best time to sell is. i'm guessing maybe after x-mas would be a great time, since some people might want to spend their x-mas money?