What is the best sunscreen for daily use?

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  1. I'm looking for a great sunscreen (at least SPF 30) that can replace my Oil of Olay w/ spf 15.. I want a higher SPF but haven't seen any creams that have spf's higher than 15 or 20, so if anyone can recommend a sunscreen that can double as a moisturizer and under makeup, please let me know!
  2. neutrogena?
  3. I use neutrogena. I can't remember which one it is but its in a white tube..it may be the only one they have now but you can't feel it once you put it on so you can still put on moisturizer and whatever other liquid you might put on w/o feeling slimy.
  4. Purpose has a good one. It's SPF 30.
  5. Christian Dior -- this may be an Asia limited product. SPF 50, also functions as a makeup base. Not sure if it functions as a moisturizer, though.

  6. I use GlyMed Plus Photo Age Cream Spf 30--it is for drier skins. Neutrogena also makes a moisturizer/sunscreen with spf 45 which is what I use when I can't get to the derm's office for the GlyMed.
  7. Neutrogena Sunblock, Ultra Sheer Dry

    They go from SPF 30 all the way up to an SPF of 80 and it has both UVA/UVB protection!!

    I currently use the 45. It doesn't make me gressy and it feels almost like a primer going on. Because I use a retinoid in my skin care, I really need a high SPF, so after I finish the 45, I might try a higher one, although I do hear that the higher the spf, the gressyer it can get, but we'll see.


  8. I totally swear by this as well! It's inexpensive, feels great (no weird greasy residue like some of the more expensive brands), smells fresh and has a high SPF! I even wear it when I go running outside and no breakouts whatsoever!
  9. Clarins! They make one that doubles as a facial moisturizer.
  10. i like the shiseido spf 55 one. i hear the la roche ones are also good.
  11. I've been using one from Clinique that has a SPF 40. I have very pale skin and burn easily, so I try to keep it protected.
  12. I just started using neutrogena dry sunblock in SPF 30 and love it. It hasn't given me any breakouts and does not feel greasy at all even at 11pm!
  13. Hands down.... Skin Ceuticals UV Sport Defense. I have REALLY oily skin and I still use it under makeup and it is amazing :yes: