What is the best summer + winter outfit to wear the Pomme Rox with?

  1. Hello fellow TPFers,

    I've read a bit on the Pomme Roxbury, cause frankly I'm obsessed with the bag. But I've tried it on 3 times at the store each time with different outfits and I've only looked good holding it one time.:tdown:

    A lot of posts here mention that Pomme is so hard to match clothes. The colour is one thing, the elegant style is another issue. So, the ones of you who have it...I'd be really Grateful if we can get some aid in visualising a perfect summer or winter outfit for this purse.

    Just a description will be fine, but if you have modelling pics, I don't think anyone will mind :nuts: Thanks for sharing in advance!
  2. ^^ the pomme would look amazing with white, beige/tan or black.. I think it would just POP!

    Otherwise you can wear it with dark jeans and white/black/tan top. Perhaps a light color with small hints of color (red in it) but I wouldnt wear red with it because its kind of like matching black with black its hard to get the right tone.
  3. if you check out the thread visuals in the reference section you 'll see a few of these bags modeled.
  4. hehe i have... but i was hoping that ppl would really start to think about what are the glam styles that we can dress up in FOR this purse :p

    *greedy me*
  5. Black pantsuit or dress, white pantsuit or dress, or a beige pant & cardigan, white crisp shirt... I'm not really girly :smile: I preferred the noisette myself, it fits with almost anything, not like red which you have to plan more.
  6. [I'm not really girly :smile: I preferred the noisette myself, it fits with almost anything, not like red which you have to plan more.[/quote]
    EXACTLY south-of-France!! That's what I mean too.:yes:
  7. Red goes with anything. Only problem with this color if you allow it to wear you instead. This color is not for the timid.
  8. Any DVF wrap dress with sexy heels or a sassy wedge!
  9. I have a black eyelet lace skirt and this cute white and black top that I would absolutely wear Pomme with. If only I had some Pomme LOL.
  10. Wouldn't all these women look better carrying a Pomme Roxbury:

  11. I have some pics you may have already seen, wearing it with jeans, a white longsleeved shirt with red pinstripes, and an argyle sweater vest with tan and red in it. I thought it worked fine.

    Don't stress about this too much! The colors you want to avoid are green (too "christmasy") and clashing shades of blue (though dark jeans are fine for whatever reason).

    It works with any neutral, black, or white.
  12. not good lighting but basic idea

  13. White blouse and Black dress pants
  14. ITA
  15. oooo:drool: yes yes yes! You're right! I think the cute, girly, sexy types all suit the bag...and they have to be quite neutral or black and white colours as bag fetish mentioned!