What is the best "strategy" to stay current on tPF?

  1. Especially if you are like me and like many designers . . . Right now I am mainly checking "new posts" regularly?
  2. I do the same thing too. Unless I have a craving to be in a certain subforum, I click on 'new posts' a lot so I can see what kind of interesting things are going on and being talked about across the entire forum!
  3. I actually have an "order" of subforums to check in at, so I don't miss anything. :p

    "new posts" is a very new find for me, which I've been checking quite regularly now after reading a tip from Swanky :shame: I must say though, it's been really good fun going into all the new subforums, and quite an eye opener!!
  4. I will have to try the new posts, usually I just go to the sub forums.
  5. i usually go to lv. and general discussion, coach and chanel.
  6. I check certain forums reguarly and if I have time I peruse the other forums.
  7. Oh, this is an easy one. Just click my name, and choose "read all posts by Shimmapuff."

    Since each post is virtually guaranteed to approach a Proust novel in length, and far more soporific, and the resulting relaxing nap will cause you to dream about tPF, and thus become current in a more spiritual and metaphysical sense.
  8. I go straight to Coach and then occasionally visit others. I have been on TPF for a while and never saw or discovered the new posts button!
  9. I use the new posts button constantly!!!
  10. Me too! That is why I know what is going on each subforum!
  11. this new posts thing does sound like a good idea. i usually just go into LV subforum first, then the General Discussion and lastly, the MP.
  12. Okay so I think I am happy with what I am doing . . . the only problem is when I go back to new posts I notice - thankfully only once so far, I posted twice to the same thread LOL :yes: funny to see what I wrote was kinda the same but different . . .
  13. I search "new posts!, also search for replies on the threads that I have already posted to by doing a search for my posts! Then I look on the forums that I have particular interest in.
  14. I you don't mind repeating, what did Swanky say?

    Yeah with new posts, I am more apt to read stuff about celebs, beauty and shoes and that is cool. . .
  15. Swanky says "use that 'New Posts' button already!"

    I go to my few favorites sub-Forums first and then click away on 'New Posts' button!:yes: