What is the best starter designer bag?

  1. I'm getting a gift for a fifteen year old cousin. I know she wants to get her first designer bag, nothing too ostentatious though. Maybe a classic logo bag if there is such a thing because I know she likes something with logos. No Coach or Dooney...or Juicy Couture.

    Can anybody suggest a good, "beginner" logo bag? Budget is around $700. $1k is pushing it, but if it's worth it why not. :smile:

    My options so far: an LV Speedy....err that's it. Help! :confused1:
  2. I'm not so fond of the monogram canvas so I would go for damier if you choose the Speedy. However, I noticed when visiting NY that there are a lot of Speedys around, so I would probably go for something different - maybe a Botkier or Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bag. Something with a shoulder strap might be practical?

    The MbyMJ "Dr Q. Groovee" would be very classy imo - or maybe an Anna Corinna Mini City Tote? The AC has a cute, young look and is quite reasonably priced.
  3. I say marc by marc jacobs too! young and classy. :smile:
  4. i agree with both Marc by Marc Jacobs and Anna Corinna, I am a proud owner of both and I love both of their designs and leathers dearly!!
  5. For a 15 year old girl .... I guess Fendi or Gucci
  6. marc by marc jacobs...
    i don't really llike the idea of teen wearing too "high-end" purses
  7. Gucci would be very classic that could be used for a long time. I don't think you could go wrong with an LV speedy, either! Those will always be in style and is a great starter bag.
  8. My vote would be for a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25! Nobody can argue that is a classic bag that is a great starting point for a designer bag collection.
  9. I really think the LV Monogram Speedy 25 would be a perfect starter bag, especially for a 15 year old. So cute! Plus you can't beat the price!
  10. speedy 25, marc by marc, kooba, or bulga!
  11. I'd say a mono speedy 25. This is something that will look go on her while she's 15 and when she's 55! Also MBMJ does have a lot of logo'd bags also that are nice. Also, Gucci. But my vote is for LV. If you think there are too many speedy's around why not get her a Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical? That's a classic style also.
  12. i agree with marc by marc jacobs.. although i don't like his recent stuff as much.
  13. I think the LV monogram denim Mini Pleaty. For a 15 year old, this is a great size bag, and the denim will work well with a teenagers wardrobe. $740.00 so I think it is just a tiny bit over budget
  14. DEFINETLY a Louis Vuitton! Any pattern, maybe something more fun thanthe usual mongram and damier like the mini lin? Mini Lin Speedy!
  15. I think the LV damier azur speedy, or MbyMJ would be a great start to a beginning collection...let us know what you end up getting for her! what a lucky cousin!