What is the best skin care line?

  1. I use Laura Mercier's skin care line. I still use Clinique's face moisturizer sometimes and is one of my faves. How about you ladies?
  2. honestly, i use the cheap stuff - st. ives. my mom, the woman with the thousand dollar skin care collection (and not a wrinkle on her face until last year, and she'll be 53 in june), recommended it to me, and it works on my skin better than anything else i've tried. i do use clinique clarifying lotion, though.
  3. My skin is sensitive and DRY, but the creams from Bath & Bodyworks work for me. I use that. I don't want to tempt fate and try something unless I know it works for fair people with sensitive skin. I hate being pale.
  4. Dove's Exfoliating bar, (for the body) but I use it all at once in the shower! Works great, and I use ProActives face scrub (can't use whole line, dries me out) when once in a blue moon I get zit, and takes it right away!
  5. ^^^ I used Proactive too and my gosh it irritated skin!!!

    And Amanda you mentioned ST. IVES, do they have a face moisturizer? Or are you referring to the body lotion? Maybe I should try that.
  6. Skincare line by Shiseido. I'm a big fan of the Shiseido producst!
  7. I've never consistantly used a line in order to really fall in love with it... plus my skin isn't too fussy. Right now it's just Cetaphil foaming cleanser (the regular Cetaphil doesn't do anything! It doesn't even take off my cream blush!) followed up with some Olay cream. That's it.
  8. Right now I've been using Bliss Steep Clean regime.
  9. yep, they make several different facial moisturizers.

  10. Thanks!!! :nuts:
  11. Kiehl's
  12. I splurged and have started using LaMer. If it works for everyone in hollywood, then it was worth a try!
  13. ^^^ I used the entire LaMer skincare line and it caused my skin to breakout. I do love the serum. I even used Dr. Perricone's line and my skin didn't take it well either. I guess my skin just likes the cheap stuff.:lol:
  14. I used Clarins for the face, but in the past, I used Kiehl's. Still use Kiehl's lotions, and love Philosophy bodywashes, etc.
  15. I have used it all, but am currently starting Skinceuticals.