What is the best shampoo range for blonde hair?

  1. I used the Redken Blondglam and I have to say I wasnt very impressed. I found my hair to be a little dry afterwards.

    Do any of you have any recommendations?
  2. colored or naturally blonde?
    Makes a BIG difference!
  3. ah yes, sorry! coloured - highlights.
  4. One of my friends who dyes her hair blonde swears by the John Frieda line for blondes. I use the brunette version and I must say it works fine, but nothing fabulours.
  5. honestly, I'd use a line for color treated hair as opposed to a line for blondes.
    I color mine blonde and I find my hair is at it's best when I pamper it.
    My favorite lines are Keratase and Frederick Fekkai.
    Lines for color treated hair preserve the color longer:yes:
  6. Terax and of course purple shampoo to get rid of brassiness (I've used AG, Matrix, Aveda and Schwartzkopf). The latter 2 were best.
  7. I (also with blonde highlights) really loved the Aveda color concerve shampoo, I recently strayed away but cant wait to go back!
  8. I Use Pantene's line (the one in the gold bottles). So far, so good.
  9. I was going to suggest the Redken Blonde Glam line but if that dries your hair out...another one is the Tigi Bedhead Dumb Blonde line. I love 'em both!
  10. I'll second that! I :heart::heart::heart: The Dumb Blonde line.
  11. I also really like TiGi Dumb Blonde:yes:
    but it's best for pretty dry hair. If your hair is normal, it could be pretty heavy.

  12. LOVE Kerastase!! oooh and Bumble and Bumble!:heart::heart:
  13. Yeah, Dumb Blonde is VERY heavy unless your hair is pretty dry and porous so watch out! But it works wonders on your hair :yes:
  14. Yes, I'll add to that by mentioning I have very thick, wavy hair that gets even more roughed-up due to the highlighting process. I smooth it out every day with a large, round brush and it's a battle. So I can get away with thicker and heavier product perhaps more than others. I need it to control frizz!
  15. I love Tigi stuff so I will give that a try. The Redken colour care line is great by the way.

    Thanks for all your help girls xx