What is the best self tanner?

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  1. It's that time of year again where we need something to cover those bumps,moles and veins on the legs that show when we wear the summer clothes. After having a couple of basal cell carcinomas, I refuse to tan in the sun so I am left with self tanners or white legs.

    All brands claim to be the best but I have been using the tinted Jergens lotion since it is inexpensive and as good as any I have ever used. Does anyone have a really GREAT brand to recommend?
  2. fake bake flawless
  3. I also have used fake bake for years. Shower at night, apply and shower off in the morning. I'm very pale and have had people ask me if I've been away cause I look tan.
  4. Thanks, girls, I will get some!!
  5. Personally, I adore the self-tan products from Clarins. I used the Self Tanning Instant Gel on my sister to even out her tan lines for her ball (prom)- it came up in about 4hrs and was natural and not at all orange. Now I use it ;) If you're going for a deeper tan you might need 2-3 applications to build the colour.
  6. I've been using Tan Towels the past couple years. They are easy to use and I like how it dries fast. Pretty much foolproof too. I only mess up if I forget to go over an area which doesn't happen very often. It's never streaked though and wears off evenly.

    I've been wanting to try St Tropez mousse. I've heard good things about that tanner as well.
  7. I think it depends on how dark you want to be as well. I have not tried that fake bake but did a search after reading the reviews and from what I've seen in before/after pics, I think it barely leaves tan at all. If someone is really pale, it will most likely certainly give color, but for those with an olive skinned tone like myself, many of the tanners on the market don't make any difference at all. I need something darker and I will use either Bare Escentuals Fake Tan or Sun Labs Dark Sunsation.

    Do some research before you set out to buy a tanner to find out which you would prefer as far as color goes because it can get pretty expensive buying bottle after bottle to experiment, only to find out it does nothing for you.

    I just bought my new sunless tanning mitt yesterday so I'm ready to start this year! :smile:
  8. Sun Labs. I'm very fair, but it gives me a natural color & is buildable. I've been using it for years.
  9. I tried the Lancôme self tanner and I loved it!!!
  10. I adore the St. Tropez mousse!
  11. I just wrote a blog post on sunless tanning, and the Clarins tanning gel is hands-down the best product I have used.

    I'm a natural redhead and if there's any tint of orange, I will look like a hot mess. The Clarins tanning gel (I also like St. Tropez's facial lotion) give me a tint without looking like I overdosed on carrots.
  12. If you have dry and dull skin, I would recommend Tarte Brazilliance. It comes with maracuja oil that helps you look tanner while also giving your skin more moisture. If you are looking for something to apply quick, I would recommend the Clarins Instant Gel. It is almost instant so you do not have to worry about smearing it everywhere
  13. St. Tropez, Loreal, and surprisingly Kardashian Tan
  14. My favorites are the Fake Bake in the purple box. And Bare Essentials Faux Tan.
  15. I'm a fan of tan towels - fool-proof