What is the best second hand online marketplace for designer items?

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  1. Hello all,
    What is the best second hand online marketplace for authentic designer items?
  2. Yoogies Closet is the best IMHO. A lot of people like Anns Fabulous Finds, but I just don't like the way her site is designed. Yoogies always seems to have a great and ever changing selection, and the few times I have bought from them their customer service has been stellar. And their items are pretty much always authentic.
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  3. Hello,
    Thank you for your suggestion. I have heard a lot of good things about Yoogies closet also :smile:
  4. It totally depends where you are tbh, I think in the US you have a lot more of them than in Europe, where Rebelle and VC dominate the market and their customer service is usually a shoulder shrug and a preformulated email or the connection drops (read they hang up) when you call and have a complaint
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  5. I have bought items from Fashionphile, Yoogis Closet and Ann’s Fablous Finds. Was happy with my purchases. I do think it is a bit funny how Yogis Closet seems the use the term gently used on most of their bags that look wells used and some might even be abused.

    Any site can be good if they actually have the bag style you want in stock. I would look over all pictures in detail and read the descriptiions very carefully. The last two items I bought from Fashionphile were described in very good condition and were literally in like new so I was very happy.
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  6. I've purchased a handbag from Yoogis and a brooch from Fashionphile - both were beautiful products and I had positive experience with CS for both (I had to call Yoogis to help me have my package held, and I had to cancel a separate order with Fashionphile).
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    Thank you for your reply :smile: I am based in the UK and have tried selling on VC a while ago and didn't really like the experience with them. Also having read the recent reviews for VC I am rather put off! Not good reviews at all! They actually hand up the phone that is really bad customer service! X

    Thank you for your reply. I have had a look on Yoogis closet they do have some nice items. Maybe I will give them a try.

    Thank you for your reply. I have not heard of Ann's fabulous finds I will take a look! I know a few friends that have purchased from Fashionphile and they were happy. I am also looking to sell some of my items so need a site that's good for that too. X
  8. VC is totally awful but to be honest Rebelle seems to be much worse, as in no replies and stuff, some friends used to sell with them and they said they now would rather take a blowtorch to the items than that, I have heard good stuff about Joli Coset, and there is a new site called Couture Community, but there isn't a lot of it on there and on another forum there are complains that they don't respond, so not too sure about CC, you could also always try HEWI, but that seems to be hit and miss, depending on which unpaid intern does the job and they seem to try to shift stuff to their new site, HEWI Street, so even high end designer goods will be considered High Street items, and so far nobody sold through it.

    I went through a binge with Maison Martin Margiela, then realised it really isn't for me and got a ton of things I would like to sell, but given the way most sites are, I might just give it to Oxfam, if I am selling 1200 shoes for 100 (minus their percentage) I can just give them away, it's really not recovering anything. Plus the idea that people buy designer items for less than no name items and devalue the brand, doesn't sit well with me, if they want it that badly, they can check charity shops, I don't want to make it easy for them