What is the best quality LV bag so far ?

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  1. Hi all, i would like to hear your opinion about what is the most problem free bag at the moment. I am planning to buy another LV, but this time i want to choose something can long last. I am planning to use it for everday, work and travel too.
    I have problem before with my ikat NF due to chipping problem, then i heard lots of complain about NF DE, portobello DE, lumineuse empriente, citadine empriente and what else ?
    In short, i just wondering, what bag have the best quality so far ?
    Appreciate all your inputs. TIA. :smile:
  2. Any comments ? Much appreciated. Thank you. :smile:
  3. HMMMM.. WORRY FREE, I HAVE TO GO WITH MY SPEEDY B 35 DE..HANDS DOWN. It's a great work bag for me. The 30 size also is great for every day versatility.
  4. Hi Balen.girl I think that your new Totally mm in de meets all the criteria you listed and sounds like a good everyday,work and travel bag. De Speedy b would also be good.
  5. I have no issues with my citadine. I love it. But I think epi is the way to go for true worry free - alma with strap gets my vote or a brea - and both are timeless relying on the structure and style versus the obvious markings. Quality-wise, few LV bags are even in the same stratosphere as the SC. And I definitely use mine. I do not baby bags.
  6. On the best quality I would say my empreinte artsy.. Very well made and sooooo pretty!
  7. +1...Epi is the way to go for worry free.
  8. Thank you everyone.. I love LV. But since my last experience with my ikat, now im a bit worry for my next purchase. :smile:
    Worry free i mean here is about the quality. Not about which style or pattern.
    Any other opinions are welcome. TIA..
  9. Anything from the haute maroquinerie collection.
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    I think the speedy b is actually really poor quality, but I've been buying LV since the "golden days," back in the late 70s. Very poorly made. I do like my mono metis a lot, but I'm branching out into other designers and leathers. There is honestly no way I would buy a speedy B. I think they are "outsourced," and honestly really poor quality. There is no excuse for shoddy, mis-matched hardware, thin canvas and poor quality in terms of quality control. It's a horrendous shame. For those of us who purchased LV back before the merger and when it was truly a luxury, it's horrifying. I try not to think about it anymore when I buy new LV items to be honest. It makes me feel old, and sad somehow.

    I look at my original LVs from Catholic prep school (uniforms, Scottish Shetland sweaters) and my heart is sad.

    I wish people could see how they used to be: thick canvas, solid brass hardware, lifetime warranty, true luxury. It's a bygone era. Only Lanier of London (the maker of the Queen's handbags) and Hermes come close. LV used to be in that rarified circle.

    Obviously, I still buy, but no mistake: it's not the same.
  11. I think Keepalls are the best quality. A friend of mine bought it about 20 years ago and guess what? still using it!
  12. SC and HM are my highest quality bags. Both are like iron, especially the SC, but it's heavy!
  13. LV was my first love. After LV, i cheat to other brand, and the reason i am back to LV is because i remembered how durable it is. My mom and my sis have petit noe epi which is 20 years and still look pretty. My dad use taiga wallet for more than 20 years too. So i start buying LV again.
    But i am very dissapointed with the quality of my ikat. Now i am so confuse, which bag should i buy. :sad:
  14. I completely agree with this comment! I had purchased a speedy b 30 de and in the first 6 months it had been in LV repair three times. I love the concept but the bag was of terrible quality. I don't understand how so many people just put up with it and purchase this bag anyway...to each their own!
    I was thinking of getting an emp speedy b but the leather is too heavy for my spine/back problems.

    Sorry OP, I would say get a Neverfull. I really like that bag!!
  15. I do think the ikat NF's chipping issue was hugely disappointing- along with a number of other reported (on tpf) defects/issues with some other bags...
    I didn't start out with lv.. I think I started with dior in middle or early high school and got into lv as I was graduating high school. Then I fell out of love and was exclusively Chanel for years before returning to lv- and now? I'm totally stuck on lv again!

    I honestly think the sc is a very well made bag... But I expect that of any bags that are over $3000 or $4000!
    I feel like they have issues with "colored" bags for some reason.. I've read on tpf, the light colored epi NFs had similar chipping issues as your ikat NF.

    Honestly though- in a more reasonable price range? I think an epi bag is the best bang for your buck.