What is the best quality chanel bag you own?

  1. Out of curiosity, what is the best quality chanel bag you own? Is it an older bag? If you've only recently gotten into chanel, is one of your newer ones really up there, too? I'm interested to see the kind of spectrum of bags will turn up here.

  2. Out of my bags, ironically, it is my distressed Hybrid that is the best made lol. Yes, it looks scratched up slightly, but the pewter MM lock and chain, combined with the amazing smell of the bag, just hits you whenever you remove it from the dustbag.

    I have been really lucky so far with my Chanels, not had one that has been poorly made, but my hybrid just seems that bit more luxurious somehow :smile:
  3. Well, out of the 3 chanel bags I own, I would say my patent madison. The leather is so firm (yet soft on the inside) and resistant (and shiny ofcourse) and the hardware is perfect and superquality! It doesn't lose it's shape and I can see this one last a lifetime!
  4. The best quality bag of all my chanels I own, is my older medium classic lambskin flap. Its sturdier and can take a beating. Alot of my other bags needed rehab-and ironically some of them are not even a year old. The medium classic is from the 80's.
  5. All of mine are the same. Very well made.
  6. ^^^ I agree with Luccibag - all Chanels that I own are very well made. And would just like to add that right now, I love my Pocket in the City the most, for its functionality and durability :smile:
  7. I would like to think my Reissue is my best quality bag. That's because I love it so much and want to keep it forever.

    However, my oversized lambskin tote, purchased in the late '80s has certainly stood the abuse, because my mentality at the time was just to buy it and use it, use it, use it... and then on to the next...

    It still looks pretty good, in spite of it all.
  8. All you ladies with all the well made bags are so LUCKY! For me is a black caviar jumbo that I got last year.
  9. i don't have much, but so far i think it's my original coco cabs in distressed caviar...
    the leather's so soft ad slouchy not like my baby cabas or any later cabas i've seen
  10. For me is the white caviar jumbo that I have.
  11. I agree, so far my bags have all been good ones - no problems.

    *knock on wood*:smash:
  12. ^me too!:yahoo:
    all of mine have been equally fantastic, no quality issues!
  13. ^^^ I love all of mine too, and have no quality issue problem with any of them now.
    *knock on woods* :smash:
  14. I have an older caviar leather bag (a shoulder bag with flap compartment on front- no clue what it was called) that has stood up really well to the test of time. Yeah, it's well worn and the gold plating is going, but alot less than I'd expect. It's my go-to bag for everything. If I treated my other Chanels the same way they would be disasters- they'd have water stains, dirty bottoms, pen marks, you name it! This one is the one I can wear and not ever worry about.
  15. My first Chanel, which was a PST. I used it everyday for three years. It was a great bag... although one ring did break... the little screw fell out but I was carrying HEAVY things in it (like textbooks). I bought it in 2003.