what is the best product to...

  1. ..protect your hair from heat damage? I curl my hair a lot and don't want it to get fried.

  2. Usage of conditioner and possible deep conditioning treatments?
  3. It's a good idea to use a product to protect your hair from hair appliances, especially if you use it every day. I've been using my straighener for 1 year (almost every other day) and my hair is fried :sad: . Good luck with your search!
  4. i LOVE biosilk. i also use sebastian potion 9 quite frequently.

    a good conditioner is KEY. try not to use your straightner/curling iron every day...stretch out the time between shampoos as long has humanly possible. if you're going to heat style frequently, invest in a chi iron or straightener. with a higher quality iron, you'll go over each section of hair fewer times and rarely have to retouch it over the time between shampoos so your hair will be less damaged in general.

    redken and chi both have thermal leave in sprays, but they made my hair feel crunchy.