What is the best place to buy diamond studs?

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  1. Our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up and I would love to get diamond studs. Would love to refer DH to a good site for those. Am probably looking for a 2-3 carat total weight.
  2. Do you need a brick and mortar store or are you & DH okay with online vendors? You'll find a great wealth of info at the pricescope forums. You may want to check out goodoldgold or whiteflash. I just bought my mom a pair of diamond studs from blue nile & I was pleased at the whole process.

    'Grats on the anniversary!
  3. Thank you for suggestions. Actually we prefer an online vendor, it's easier to compare prices/characteristics and you get a better deal.
  4. Where is Japster?

    I would learn a little about cut and clarity and color... and then decide what you can afford. I would go to a local jewelry exchange and haggle a bit.

    Definitely think you get a better deal from a local jeweler then online when purchasing studs.
  5. I got a better deal from my local guy for my 2 cttw studs and my recent diamond upgrade than I was getting online.
  6. Bummer. That means I will have to wait until we, or at least I, are back in the States as where we currently are (Eastern Europe) retail prices are far worse than US online sites. I will check prices in Amsterdam, which is supposedly the best place to buy diamonds according to my friend who used to work with DeBeers, but I think even there prices were higher than in the States.

    I do know a bit about 4Cs, did my homework before buying my ideal cut wedding ring (DH wanted to give me a diamond ring in addition to the ruby e-ring) 10 years ago but would appreciate any guidance as fas as color, clarity for earings are concerned. Presumably, they don't need to be as nice as the ring. I am thinking VS2 clarity and I color. Does it sound about right? I just want my earings to sparkle.
  7. I got mine from my local family jeweler that my mom has dealt with for years.
  8. I would look in the 4k range... for g color and SI1 or SI2
  9. If you have a great Brick & Mortor store or a wonderful Jeweler to work with like Swanky does... I would go Brick & Mortor.

    Personally I prefer online because the markup is very small but I obviously have a background in the field.

    If you'd like I can PM you with some pricing ideas so it can help you while you look around. VS2-SI1? 2-3ctw?
  10. $4k per carat or total weight? For ideal cuts in VS2, that would be tough to get. I've seen ones in VS2 that were cut a bit deep in that range though.

    I just sold a 3.10ctw Round Pair, Ideal Cut I-J Color, SI2 for about $9150. mounted in 18K white gold.
  11. Japster, thank you for your kind offer. I'll PM you in a minute. The price you posted is better than what I've seen before but quality is also slightly lower. I am still trying to figure what's good enough (as in almost indistinguishable defects) for earing LOL!
  12. Yeay!! Sweet Japster to the rescue!!
  13. ello
    you could try 77diamonds.com but its in £££ !?
  14. Hello!

    Sorry to move up a topic from 10 years ago but I have a question on this topic.

    I'm from France and I would like to buy a pair of diamond studs for my 30th birthday. I still have time for that but I would like to ask you where would you recommend to buy it from.
    I heard Baunat have good prices for diamonds but on their website the cut of the diamonds is VG and I would like Excellent cut. I would also like to know if you recommend them.

  15. Anyone ?