What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

  1. I wish I listened to my Dad when he said study first boys later as I lost a place at medical school because I fell for my first boyfriend who turned out to be the worst experience of my life.
  2. My nan told my mum, she told me, and I always tell my two girls.

    Manners cost nothing, and treat everybody the way you want to be treated, its a cliche, but so very true :yes:.

    Dont feel too bad about not following your Dads advice Chanelbaby, we all think we know best when we are young, and we are always learning ;)
  3. I don't think there really was a 'best advice' for me. I was pretty messed up as a teenager...and my parents always had some piece of advice here and there. None I listened to though...but boy do I wish I had!
  4. It came from my high school choir director...had to do with SELF DISCIPLINE and how that practice will benefit you immensely in all aspects of your life. nearly 25 years later (and 8 years after his death) that advice still rings deep in my bones and gives me chills. He's so right on.
  5. My mom always says "Never Settle." Whether it's settling on a school, guy, house- anything, just never settle. I love it, and it's the best piece of advice she's ever given me!
  6. My dad: You don't get rich by spending money.

    I try really, really hard to listen to him.....