What is the "best" LV wallet?

  1. I don't have a proper wallet, only three Ludlows. Now I want a "real" wallet, with room for bills, coins and at least six cards. I don't really have a special one picked out, I just want to hear which ones you like and what you like about them. I've looked at the Pochette wallet, the Compact Zippe, the French Purse and the Zipped wallet online, and I like all of them.
  2. koala the answer
  3. i think i like the porte tressor international. very roomy.
  4. blue monogram groom compact zipped waller:yes:
  5. The new PTI wallets have room for 10 cards now :smile:


    Wallet with zipper (pochette wallet)

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] which you can get in the monogram, vernis, mini lin and MC..epi and I think damier. in each line they differe a little.
  6. I love my PTI, I carry checkbook, coins, cards, etc.
  7. I love perfo compact zippe wallet
  8. I love the French Purse best!
  9. have koala and pochette wallets in different lines...love both styles, different features in each. the koala opens wide for bills, and has lots of cc slots, but no coin slots . the pochette has the zippered coin comparment, but not as many cc slots (it's vernis).
    i would see IRL and play a bit to help you decide for yourself.
    good luck!
  10. Koala is very cute!
  11. I'm confused? The Koala I just gave my daughter has a zippered slot for coins . . . Which Koala do you have?
  12. i'm sorry, i misspoke. the zippered coin slot annoys me bc it's too small to get in and out of. if i don't use it, poof! it's not there:p ...sorry for the confusion!:shame:
  13. You made me laugh - That's how I feel about the coin pouch on my PTI - pouf it's not there! I use it for papers and receipts - coins roll around too much in it - it's so bag, so as far as I'm concerned I don't have a place for coins too!
  14. the (new-8 cc slots) french purse for me!!!!!!
  15. charleston-mom-----good, i'm glad you understand my logic..it makes sense to me, but i'm never sure i can make others see my point (when i have one, that is)....:p