What is the best LV handbag for travelling..


Oct 3, 2007
I recently bought the Besace Rosebery for my travels. Hubby would tease me that it looks too old for me (btw, I'm not that young). But I must say, it's one of my best buys. It can fit 2 phones, a scarf, iPad, wallet, pen, travel docs and pocket camera. It may look structured but it also looks nice when when slouchy whenever I don't have much to put in :tup:


Mar 15, 2006
Good topic. It depends where Im going. If its a vacation where Ill be going to fancy restaurants and places (such as las vegas), then I like to carry my vernis alma pm.

If Im going to a hot humid place where Ill be doing lots of walking (such as Asia) or somewhere where it rains a lot (such as Vancouver), then I like to bring my Damier speedy because the vachetta will not oxidize and it is lightweight.

The Neverfull GM is good for an overnight trip but I wouldnt use it in a crowded city since it has no zipper and warrants pit pocketers.