what is the best looking Vernis zippy? Color??

  1. thanks
  2. pomme!
  3. Pomme and Violette!!
  4. I love violette and pomme. I got a violette zippy because I already had a pomme agenda.
  5. I'm realling liking the violette. I feel like it's pretty consistent as well on the embossing. I like deep embossing. I've noticed so much variation with the pomme. I also got 2 bad pomme hearts......they had a cellulite texture to them. Just wierd looking!
  6. Pomme
  7. Pomme! (A purple wallet just doesn't seem as classy and versatile as that gorgeous punch of deep bright red!)
  8. pomme is very classy
  9. Pomme for WOW!

    Violette for YUMMY!

    Amarante for FINGERPRINTS!

    Perle for CLASSY!

    I love 'em all:love:

    {{{:bagslap:Bad Sweetpurple, not helping!!!:bagslap:}}}
  10. I'm so glad you posted this. I thought it was only me who saw that texture. I had ordered one and then returned it because of this problem. I have a pomme agenda and it has "perfect" texture. I couldn't understand why the coeur wasn't the same.
  11. Violette definitely:tup:
  12. Pomme or Amarante
  13. Violette, no doubt!
  14. Pomme! I love this color!

    OT, my Pomme heart has a perfect texture, I wonder what caused the cellulite to happen, it sounds icky! I hope you both were able to get new perfect hearts!
  15. Well ya know I'm gonna vote POMME!!! LOL!