What is the BEST leather for Ruby birkin?

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  1. I am planning to buy ruby birkin,but is confused what leather is best for Ruby color.Please Help.
  2. Rubis cones in Epsom, Togo and clemence. You cannot go wrong with any if them. If you prefer a deeper tone go with clemence, if brighter go for Epsom. Togo is in between and just gorgeous! It's really the best red I have seen from h in a very long time. Go get one!
  3. I think rubis comes in swift as well eg the toolbox.

    Rubis is gorgeous in any leather.
  4. Yup that's right. I always forget swift!
  5. I saw it yesterday on a togo birkin, BEAUTIFUL
  6. I love it in Swift!
  7. I love it in swift the best, but would probably go for clemence in a birkin.
  8. I saw swift last week and it's gorgeous. I would go fot that. The color really pops out.
  9. I would prefer it in Swift, but beggars can't be choosers - I'll take one in Clemence if I have to. (Gold hardware, of course.)
  10. The togo leather that H produced in rubis is amazing. I can't say enough about it so far.

    The rubis color in clemence is gorgeous.

    I think it just comes down to preference as you really can't go wrong.
  11. Swift!!
  12. Yes,swift will be nice but will it be very difficult to find a swift ruby?My resellers said it's very difficult..
    Pink.Diamond,you kelly is sooo beauuutiiiful,may I know what size is your Kelly?