What is the best key holder to hold big car keys

  1. I need something to hold about 4 keys and a romte for my car. I have vernis cles and they dont hold anything, so I'M not gonna use them for keys anymore.TIA.
  2. I use the damier 6-key holder.
  3. Wow I love the vernis cles :smile:
  4. Me to, but my keys wont fit inside and they are scratching my wallet. I think the 6 key Damier will work good.
  5. Gotcha... I dont put my keys inside.. I carry my drivers license there.
  6. I need to go to LV and try one out too! I really want one. I have the remote for my car, and for my house (we have electric locks). I am curious to see if all of my stuff fits inside...
  7. The Six key holder in Monogram is great.
  8. I don't think you can fit all of your keys and remotes in any keyholder. not even the 6-keyholder. the remotes are a bit too big to fit inside.

    I think you can just put your key inside the 4 or 6 keyholder and let the remotes hanging out. I have a pomme cles and I could fit my car key and remote inside either
  9. ^^Thats exactly what I do. I put my house keys and the garage remote (small) inside the 4 keyholder and my car key outside.

  10. I have the six key in monogram. I have four keys and my large black remote and it holds all of them inside and snapped just fine.
  11. I use the Rabat and love it. My long car key - with a fob at the end fits in there perfectly and I use the little side pocket for coupons/parking tickets, etc.
  12. my keys....i always have my sets and my DH's cars....i use cell phone lanyards to hold them and tuck them inside the cles, so nothing gets scratched in my bag!!!
  13. I recommend the Denim Cles!! I have a BMW key and about 5 regular house keys and they all fit inside nicely without extreme bulging.

  14. Great advice.

  15. This works great for me...
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