What is the best HW with Matte Black Reissue.

Hardware on Matte Black Reissue

  • Matte Black Reissue with Gold Hardware

  • Matte Black Reissue with Silver Hardware

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Nov 19, 2007
San Jose, CA
I need help on the decision I have been thinking this for a whole week now. I am getting the Reissue Matte Black 226 but I can't decide which hardware shall I go for.

First I was definitely want the silver hardware but then when I saw pictures of gold hardware it's kinda grow on me. Do you think can I GH can dress down with casual outfit? I just scared that the gold will be tarnish or peel off something like that or hard to maintain.

P.S. In 2 weeks I'm going to the wedding my dress is black creamy and has some gold chain in it. I know if I get the gold hardware it will go well together with my dress but then if I get the silver I wonder if it will look kinda odd if I wear silver hardware purse.

My husband is going to Germany this Sunday so I need to give him an order. hahaha


will work for bags!
Nov 20, 2007
personally i love the silver hardware, but it's a purely personal choice. the gold may go better w/ ur dress but what goes better overall with ur wardrobe? then again, i often carry LV with gold hardware and im a silver person...so i'm no help! good luck deciding :smile:


Nov 26, 2006
Both combinations are lovely, but the matte black with gold is my favorite. It is such an iconic piece and look.


Always Be Thankful
Jan 3, 2008
I had the matte black 227 reissue with s/h but returned it. It was beautiful but sat in my closet unused for one year so that was my sign that it had to go back to the store. However, I turned around a few weeks later and purchased the black reissue cam case with gold hardware. I love it!

(It is important to note that I also have a black jumbo with silver hardware and should receive the new black maxi with gold hardware on Monday. So, in the end I truly believe you will purchase both. It is only a matter of time.) :wacko:

But for now, get the one that you like the most and feel the most comfy with. It sounds like your gut is saying silver, so go with that. You can't go wrong either way. Good Luck!


Oct 25, 2008
I love matte black reissue w/GH and classic flap w/SH.I just love the look of shiny silver on the classic flap.Good luck deciding!


Hitting the H-ighway
Nov 21, 2007
Manila baby!
got gold for my reissue flap and I want silver for my camera bag.. but I have truly fallen in love w/ silver hardware.. thanks to a friend who got my first silver hardware few months back.