What is the best GREEN ever?

  1. I'm thinking to search for the box style, as it's discontinued and i haven't had it yet:shame: . Till now, my humble collection includes lilac, greige, rouille, BI, marine and camel. My rouge vif is on her way:wlae: . Obviously, green is missing. So, i'm thinking to buy the box in green (of course i won't miss sandstone in this season:drool: ). Then, it comes to which shade of green i should go for the box:confused1: . Any other colors are welcome as well if u think they're just right for the box:yes: .

    Opinion plsssssssss:push: . I'm all earssss

  2. I saw the vert gazon today and I was floored! And I don't even like green bags!
  3. I'm in love with 05 Olive and 04 Anis :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. i love dolma 05 and apple green 05. sapin is pretty too.
  5. I like pistachio and seafoam....
  6. Well, it depends on whether you mean in general, or in the Box style. In general my faves (bear in mind green is my favourite colour, so I love them all) are 05 apple, 07 grass, 04 seafoam and 04 pistachio. 05 dolma rocks too. But in the Box I actually like the 06 origan best. Go figure!
  7. Anis, Dolma and olive are my favorites. Apple and grass are gorgeous but I would have nothing to wear them with and I know myself, and I know they would sit in the closet and be taken out once or twice a year.
  8. vert gazon, sapin
  9. As far as being able to use it more with your wardrobe maybe the dolma, origan, sapin,olive or emerald would work best.
  10. For all of the greens Bal has issues I am really drawn to the Vert Gazon, but if you are looking for a green in a Box, I would say Olive. Although the Apple is nice too.
  11. I am wearing my sapin today and I love it. I have left it out on my credenza so I can peek at it.
  12. I'd say apple green or vert gazon!

    electrifying! : )
  13. I personally love apple green but its not for everyone! Sapin is lovely in a box style.
  14. i have an origan box and it is lovely! :yes:
  15. ohhhh thksss for all wonderful supporttt...

    wow..many suggest origan and sapin. Is it hard to find in box style??? I only see emerald available.

    personally i love apple green, but it just doesn't fit with my wardrobe. vert garzon is gorgeous as well, but it's from this season...so..no box...

    million thkss for these great ideas...i'll keep on searchinggg