What is the best curling iron???

  1. I broke my curling iron and now I am looking for a new one that wil get very hot and will be able to hold a curl???

    any suggestions???

  2. My hair stylist said to go check out the beauty supply store when I asked her.

    I have a Revlon iron right now. It has 30 heat settings, so it gets super hot, but my hair gets caught in the hinge and ripped out, so I hate it.
  3. You NEED 2 get the Hot Tools ceramic titanium curling iron, it comes in all different sizes. LOVE, LOVE it! I have natural straight asian hair, so if it works 4 me it will definitely work 4 u. You can only buy it from professional hair salons or boutiques.
  4. great post! i've been using the $9.99 revlon one for years cuz I'm too chicken to spend all that money on one of the ceramic ones without any imput. I might just make the jump!
  5. I concur with Hot Tools. Go to Ulta or a beauty supply and get one. Their straighteners and blow dryers work very well too!
  6. I just posted this in another thread, but I have completely fallen in love with my Hai Straightener. I have the Stik, and it's very small, and shaped like a curling iron, so you can actually straighten your hair, or curl it.

    It also heats up instantly. Honestly, you plug it in, and 10 secs later, it's ready and hot enough to straighten your hair.

    It's so great. I finally ordered one online after my stylist used it on my hair a couple times and I loved how soft and shiny it was.

    It is a little more expensive than some of the drugstore brands (about 75$) but it works like nothing I have ever used before -- AND it's a curling iron. I love it.