What is the best Cream Colored Handbag?

  1. Hi guys! Can you tell me your opinion of what the best cream/ivory colored handbags are? I received my Ferragamo Marisa today and wasn't "blown" away...:hrmm:. I think this bag looks better in black.

    So in my search for the "perfect" cream colored bag I'd like to ask you ladies...what is the best cream colored handbag? Pics would be phenominally helpful (but if you don't have a pic please poste anyways).

    Thank you!!!:flowers:
  2. Well, Im really fond of my Blanc Chloe paddy. I just love the color and texture of the leather and best of all when it get a little dirty, a baby wipe takes it right off. Its the one in my avatar.
  3. I'm sorry to hear you didn't fall in love with your Marissa bag. Here are some options ......

    Gucci - (off-white medium hobo) $1,050

    Gucci - (off-white small hobo) $1,490

    Gucci - (off-white medium shoulder bag) $1,895
    Mark Jacobs (ivory) $975
  4. I second that. I've pulled my Blanc Paddy out to use very often this year so far. It complements so many colors and is a warm cream color.

    Another creamy white bag (lighter color than the blanc paddy but still on the creamier side of white) is the YSL white Muse. I love that bag in that color. Then yet another would be the Chanel white (which is not a white-white either) caviar classic flap. I love that bag too & it is a great dinner to evening bag in the large size. I'm not sure how you feel about any of those bags but those would be my recommendations.

    I'm sorry also to hear that the Marisa did not blow you away. I know how that feels! I'm sure you'll find a replacement though. :smile:
  5. Celine Clandistine comes in cream no?
  6. how about the YSL Muse?!:flowers:
  7. I have a MJ Blake in antique white which is absolutely lovely.
  8. I have to say the Stone Ramona. It is a truly beautiful bag, the leather is TDF, and color is creamy with a pinkish understone, it's a big bag, holds a lot.
  9. yes, the Chloe Paddington in Blanc is my favorite cream-colored bag. the textured leather is exquisite. i couldn't stop using it after i got it!
    chloe paddington.jpg chloe paddington2.jpg
  10. I like my medium dior gaucho in white/off white (is that considered cream?). I also have a henry beguelin cream fringe bag which i wear from time to time too. I rotate between those two.
  11. I love my kooba sienna in cream and my hayden harnett mercer satchel in chalk (much more white than the sienna).
  12. ^^ I was gonna say Kooba Sienna as well... I havent bought one yet, but I intend on getting a cream one!
  13. Thank you ladies for all of your input! Kat, I really wanted to love my chain Marisa but it just wasn't me. I think it was the shape of the bag and my body type. The color was gorgeous though!

    You know I love paddingtons! But I already have a chocolate one and I am expecting my whiskey any day now. Can I really justify owning 3 paddingtons?

    Thanks to the ladies who recommended the Kooba Sienna. I'm going to check it out!
  14. I like the Blanc Paddy too :smile:
  15. I would have to say the Chole Paddington or Marc Jacobs Ursula Bowler