What is the best compliment anyone's ever given you?

  1. I think that women today are so hard on themselves that sometimes we need to be reminded of the GOOD things that people say to us. It's too easy to concentrate on negative comments and forget about the compliments! :tdown:

    Mine was: "I think it's amazing that someone can talk to you for 5 minutes and yet feel like they've known you for their whole life." That compliment was given to me from a friend after philosophy class in high school. I think it's something I'm going to carry with me forever. :smile:

    What's yours?
  2. Oh I have a few but one My best friend said something similar to me like that once in High school, She said: I just dont get it, even know people know you have a big mouth,and are crass anyone who meets you feels the need to tell you there deepest, darkest secrets within the first 10 min of meeting them.

    Gee thanks I guess. I always swore it wasnt me that had the big mouth I would tell her there secrets and she repeat it! HA! Mybe they just know I wouldn't judge them.
  3. My mother told me my drive and work ethic will take me far in life. I didn't even know I had those things
  4. "I don't know how you go to school full-time, work consulting, deal with two kids, homework, a house, a dog, and a husband, and still manage to always look put-together."

    That kinda makes your effort feel like it's worth it! LOL!
  5. "You're beautiful inside and out"
  6. You have great, polite, nice children.
  7. "You are a wonderful mother"
  8. An old man once told me that I remind him of Jackie Kennedy. That seems really silly and shallow compared to everyone else's replies, but it meant a lot to me. I see her as the epitome of class, sophistication and style so it was a HUGE compliment to me! :girlsigh:
  9. My favorite compliment was from my grandmother, who told me I was a great mother, and I spoke to my son like he was a little bird. This meant a lot to me, coming from a woman who raised 4 children on her own, immigrated from Ireland to the states to give her children a good life, and never dated or remarried (her husband died 6 years after they married, leaving her with 4 kids) to protect her children. She passed last year, and this still sticks with me, when I feel my patience with my son is starting to go, I think of how my grandma viewed my parenting, it puts me back in check.
  10. A recent one: My new roommate told me that I was really easy to talk to and she didn't have a hard time opening up to me.
  11. One time a guy I knew said to my boyfriend at the time, "Man, look at her. You're lucky to have her. She's a lady."

    :love: I felt so wonderful that day.
  12. "you have a way about you"
  13. I remember my most recent one:

    "I wish I had you as a mom when I was growing up. You are the best mom I know. I wish I am nearly as good a mom as you are when I have kids"

    "Your in laws were just talking about how well you diciplined your kids"

    It literally brought me to tears .. it feels intoxicating (in a good way) to be recognized for something that I take so much pride in :smile:
  14. This first one was random, and has always stuck with me:
    When I was in high school, one of the most respected members of the faculty was one of the Spanish teachers. I never took her class (I studied French), but one day she stopped me in the courtyard. She told me I had great panache, and I was startled that she had even noticed me. I thanked her, and she asked if I knew what she meant. I was a huge reader, so I was surprised that anyone would not understand - so my reply was "of course!" (Hah, snot nosed brat that I was). She grinned and said "good" and walked off.

    In grad school, we had a successful artist in our class. He's grumpy, sarcastic, and absolutely fascinating. I, once again, was a snot nosed brat trying to strut my stuff around people who were older and more experienced. I was floored when he took an interest in me and my work, and helped me learn game development and got me a position working with him. It was a huge compliment that after 2 or 3 weeks of class, he saw something in me that he wanted to nurture.
  15. I've had a few so nice compliments.

    One of them was when I was working on a flight, a little boy said to me, Your the prettiest lady I have ever saw. - still makes me smile.

    When my SO started to have a crush on me, he said I was the best looking girl he has ever came across. - Still love this so much :love:

    When my sister saw me one day at ballet school when we were little, she always wished she could do ballet, then one day at an ice-rink, she saw me doing something, and she said to me, I was the most talented person she has ever met.