What is the best color size in the Saba

  1. Help. I can not decide what saba to get. I live far from a store so I have to order over the phone. I ordered a brown leather in large and a zebra in medium, & a black medium in leather. I do not know about the size or best color. Please help. :nuts:
  2. If you ordered all three, then you will be able to try them on. There is not a best color or leather, it is whatever feels and looks the best to you! If you live in a rainy area, the pony zebra should not be taken out in the rain. And if you are a plus size gal who likes a big bag, you may like the large better.

  3. ITA. It is too subjective to choose a best leather, etc. I have the large black suede and love it. Another poster on here has the medium brown nappa and loves it. My friend has the large Zebra and loves it.

    It is all personal choice. Congrats on ordering all three. Many boutiques have a wait list for the bags.
  4. What do you think would go with your wardrobe. Brown and Black are good solid basic colors. The Zebra would add a little pop to your outfit.
  5. I saw the Saba recently. I personally thought the Chocolate Suede Medium was the very best look for the bag. Beautiful! I still can't get over what they are charging for the bag though:confused1:
  6. I was up London on Saturday and saw the black suede large in a shop window, it was such a stunning bag, just scream Class.
  7. IMO...I would go for the "Classic" Black. It can't go wrong with a Black Bag.
  8. Oh my. I would love the Zebra. So different.
  9. i like the white.

    then again, maybe its because i have alot of black & brown bags. the zebra print is fierce but you are limited to what you wear ( as in patterns)

    it all is up to you at the end. good for you that you can order 3 bags at once!

    oh the good life!