What is the BEST color for the FIRST?? plz help me pick!

  1. I'm horrible..I'm on a roll..and I can't stop buying bags :sad:
    after getting my lovely cafe city..I now want a first..:graucho:

    which color should I get in a first??

    this is what I already have..
    cafe city
    and I just bought a mais chloe paddy
    and I have my all time fav: LV croissant

    what color should I add to my collection??
    help me choose pwese :flowers:

    i'm thinking of a blue??...dunno whether I should get a dark blue or a light blue..?:confused1:
  2. No problem...u are most welcome!!
  3. A white FIRST to help you survive summer!:yes:
  4. Something Bright! :p
  5. Since you're thinking of a blue, how about the Aqua from this season? It seems to be very popular for good reasons and a lot of ladies have posted gorgeous pictures of it!

    Good luck on your search and whatever you choose -keep us updated!=)
  6. How about a Rouge Vif First-that would be a great, classic spring/summer/fall color I think:love: Hope you find the one you love, Fennelcake!
  7. i am having problem to decide on the colour too.....
    am thinking about a Black First.... urmmm.....
  8. ^^A black first is a great staple, Wenthy! I have one and LOVE it!:yes:
  9. How about an Aqua or French Blue!?
  10. :nuts: thanks MarieG, i have one night to decide whether to buy it or not, its from 2006 Fall, and the leather is smooth with no veins...... :sweatdrop: