What is the best Coach bag to carry for school/work?

  1. Hello Ladies!

    I'm a very recent Coach convert and am on the hunt for the perfect tote bag to carry for school. What do you all of you use for school/work? I would like a bag that can hold my laptop, maybe a couple of folders, and some mis. items like my keys and wallet. :smile:
  2. i am considering the heritage stripe tote!
  3. Maybe the Gigi tote or the Signature Stripe large tote?
  4. I need a bag for school and work too so I'll be watching this thread! I need to actually carry a couple books along with my laptop and I haven't found anything big enough yet that doesn't look like a diaper bag!
  5. id reccomend the scribble baby bag. its from last spring so youll prob have to call JAX or search eBay. i use it as sort of a backpack for books & my laptop. i love it! id also reccomend the signature stripe travel tote. its huge!
  6. I love my Clay GIGI, it holds everything........its heavy but I don't have to worry about the "nothing fits in it " factor.
  7. My fave. large totes are the Heritage Stripe totes or the Sig. Stripe Totes....sooo pretty! I'd def. go w/ one of those!!! Good luck in deciding!!!!
  8. gallery tote or even a large carly might do
  9. Thanks for all of the great suggestions! :tup:
  10. How about the Madeline tote? I wish the the business one came in white.
  11. Leather Gigi.. :tup:
  12. Sig Stripe, Gigi, or Heritage.

    The Gallery totes may work too.
  13. I just bought the Large Ergo Tote in Black. I love this bag as it should fit all you mentioned and has a pocket on front that you can put your keys and cell phone in. It's not a s heavy as the Gigi. It retailed for $428.00 but the Outlets have it now for $249.00. One of the Vegas Outlets had a TON of them on Sunday in Black, Camel, and Vacetta (this one was $100.00 more I think). If you are interested give them a call. There number is 702 386-1067
  14. I have the Large Sig. Stripe Reversible Tote...and I love it! I'm in college and I can carry some notebooks, my wallet/keys/pencils/pens/etc. along with my planner. I don't know about the laptop...but basically everything else fits in my bag. Good luck and let us know what you decide on!!!
  15. I agree any of the Coach Totes would be perfffect for that!! I'm a fan of the Sig Stripe Tote (not the reversable one) Good luck on your search!