What is the best classic black CL style?

  1. I want to get a classic CL pump and I need advice on what are the best styles that are reasonable comfortable. Peep toe, full pump, slingback, heel height, leather, patent??? I am a size 40 in the Lapano bootie and a size 9 in regular shoes. I saw pics on here of the black patent VP with stunning red peep toe. That is my fav so far, but I can't find it anywhere online. If a style is sold out in the stores, are there good eBay options?

    Chime in ladies..... THANKS!
  2. You and I are the same size! Those black patent vps w/ burgandy tip are from Neiman Marcus online. They sold out, but occasionally returns pop up and those were a return right before the Holidays. They are too big for me w/o inserts and heel grips, but for how hot they are, I don't have a problem putting them in my shoes. lol

    I would bookmark the link and check it periodically b/c I have seen a size 39.5 to 40.5 pop up a few times. I sold my VPs w/ pewter tip to get the burgandy ones instead.

    As far as a classic CL, I would suggest the simple pump or the very prive in black patent or black calfskin. All are extremely comfortable for me.
  3. Oh my simples are 85 mm b/c I like to wear them to work, but they come in lower and higher. I personally just do 85 mm and higher though in all of my heels.

    The numero prive is also another great option!
  4. I think the simples and the No Prives and Very Prives are the most comfy so far. But that is me and my feet. The simples are also a good height. 3 inches is sexy but also workable
  5. My favorite classic black CL style is the Very Prive either in patent or kid leather. Honestly, even the satin and suede versions are nice too. I find it to be very comfortable with the right amount of sexiness and class.

    The black patent with red tip you are referring to was previously available on nm.com. Looks like it has since sold out, but keep checking as sizes do pop up with returns.

    This is the burma VP from nm.com. It is available in sizes 40, 41 and 42. I bought and then subsequently returned this shoe because it was too dark even though it is listed as gray. The leather is very soft and this fit slightly larger than the my other VPs.


    Footcandy still has the Lady Gres in black kid leather in a size 40. I found this to fit slightly larger than my VPs as well.

  6. Very Prive is my favorite. Great for a first pair.
  7. Black very prives or peep toes are the best classic "sexy" shoes :amuse:

    Simples are the most classic, casual shoes. They can be dressed up or down though, so you can turn them into fancy dressy shoes as well.
  8. Priin,
    Have you noticed that your post are wider than the others? I have to scroll over to read all of yours. I wonder why? Does any one else notice this? Is it just me....:sad:
  9. :s Sorry..I'm not sure of the reason. I have a really wide screen..but I don't think that would affect the width of my posts for other people. :confused1:
  10. Here are pictures I took when I had all three VPs. Left to right: black kid leather with red tip, burma (grey) and black patent leather with red tip.



    In real life and by itself the burma is very dark:


  11. They all look so sweet together! Seeing that red tip make me want Architeks! That seems to be the only thing close with the red.
  12. Is Priiin's post wider for you guys, too? Do you have to scroll to read it all???
  13. cjy--I actually returned the kid leather and burma after I took that picture. At the time I could not justify having three similar shoes. I had just regret over returning the kid leather that I ended up buying them again.
  14. Looooove the burma!! That's a pretty color. Similar to the pewter.
  15. Priiin, it actually photographed better than what it looked like IRL. When I first saw it I thought it looked black even in comparison to the other too.

    Oh, and to the OP: another great classic shoe that is widely recommended is the simple pump. It is comfy and is versatile for both casual and dressy outfits. My third recommendation would be the decollette, but it is the least comfortable.