What is the best brand for engagement rings?

  1. Ladies....

    I need your help. I want to know the best brand for E-rings. I wish it was mine but unfortunately it is not my turn yet :sad:(i hope it is coming soon). It is for my best friend. Price is not an issue.

    Thanks so much... You guys are the sweetest..
  2. I would focus on the cut and clarity, not worry about the brand. Spend money on the quality or size of the stone, rather than on the name.
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  3. I agree with the above post regarding the center stone. However, if you are referring to setting designers, I absolutely love my Ritani setting. You can see all of their designs at www.ritani.com.
  4. bluenile.com has amazing stones priced reasonably. =)
  5. Tiffanys, Cartier and Harry Winston are among the highest 'ranked' brands, but like someone posted above, you can get a stone with the exact same quality for a lower price. :smile:
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  6. def Tiffany. Its more reasonably priced than some of the others (cartier) and you know the stone is of supurb quality. It may be more expensive than purchasing from blue nile or other retailers, but you know you are getting quality and dont need to haggle, etc. Diamonds are an emotional decision and lack logic all together, so going for a better diamond and a good buying experience is in my opinion better than going for a "good deal."
  7. i agree. the 4C's are either there or not when it comes to the rock, but different brands might have the setting or ring design you are looking for.
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  8. I second that. The branded ones are ridiculously overpriced and you can get exact same quality of diamond thats a whole lot cheaper IMO
  9. Custom made is the best, forget about brand.
  10. i don't think brand matters...as long as u're in love :smile:

    like many people put it, u're better off focusing on the quality
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  11. Hearts On Fire
  12. I agree with the above posts that the 4 C's are what you should really concentrate on. If brand is very important though, there is always Harry Winston, Cartier and Tiffany. :yes:
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  13. I'd never intentionally look for specific brands. . . .
    we have all my jewelry custom made so we can pick the best stones.
    Brand = mark up in my opinion.
  14. If i had to choose again (with an unlimited budget), I'd get a beautiful vintage/estate diamond ring (I'm not spooky abt that since there's no way to know my 'new' diamonds are new.)

    For brands, the people at Harry Winston are the nicest, IME. Great service, classic styles.
  15. No BRAND is best. I tend to prefer avoiding the brands and getting TripleIdeal cut stones from a vendor online like Good Old Gold (goodoldgold.com), and buying a setting I like, even if it's another vendor.

    Based on my AWFUL experience with one particular online vendor starting with the letter W, I STRONGLY recommend you never patronize them.