What is the best bra?

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  1. Hi everyone. I was recently wondering what everyone thinks is the "best bra." I'm fairly little, a 34A and so far my best bra is the Victoria's Secret 100 ways bra. I have it in nude and lace, and it has really pretty straps. It isn't THE most comfortable bra though. I figured that when bra-shopping, everyone looks for different things in a bra depending on the person. So I thought I'd start this thread and we can post the best bras we've found so far.
    So far, the only bra I've found that is pretty and comfortable is this bra I own by Mimi Holiday. :tup:
  2. I like madenform bras!
  3. Haha, I'm just simple and like the good old Lasenza push-up ones :heart:
  4. wacoal bras are super comfy&havee great padding
  5. I love the Bio Fit Uplift bra from Victoria's Secret's.
  6. Because I have a wide space between my breasts, I use only Jockey bras. So far, Jockey the only manufacturer who makes bras for that kind of breast arrangement.
  7. I like Victoria's Secret Pink T shirt bra (not the cotton ones)
    I have 4 of them
  8. I like Wacoal, Calvin Klein and DKNY. This may be in part because I had a proper fitting. My suggestion is that you get properly fitted -- it does wonders for you! :tup:
  9. Chantalle bras, you can buy them from Nordstrom. super comfortable and supportive.
  10. My criteria for a good bra is that it has to be low maintenance and offer a good "tee shirt" style, meaning no lines. CK bras fit those criteria best of everything I've tried. VS fell apart too quickly (I've heard people who baby their VS lingerie say they're happy...but I want stuff I can toss in the washer). Wacoal was okay, but I couldn't justify the price.
  11. I like VS Intimissi (sp?) padded plunge style.
  12. I only wear VS bras. They last forever and are super comfortable. I wear VS Very Sexy plunge (it's a strapless you can wear several diff. ways)
  13. I like La Perla:smile:
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    cupcakepriness, HAHAHA, You are right, i have two from Wacoal, they make B looks like C or even D. hehe.Wacoal breas are pretty, in a sexy way..
    If you want a big looking, go with Japanese brand Bra. They are good for winter, not for summer, bcz of the padding!
    ck is the most comfortable bras. They are good for work. They are not that pretty, but people will never see the lines..
  15. The best bra I ever purchased was a basic black Armani bra (+knickers), I practically melted it. I can't find the same anywhere.