What is the best body care products?

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  1. What is the best products for skin care on your body? Like body wash, lotions, creams, scrubs??? My skin is VERY dry and is starting to look dull, I moisturize and exfoliate but it doesnt seem to be enough. Any recommendations? I am thinking higher end products but what works for you?
  2. I really like LUSH products. I use their Olive Branch shower gel which is very moisturizing, smells great, and leaves my skin soft and smooth. I also looove their bubble bars (for bubble baths). And they have a great facial exfoliater called Sweet Japanese Girl. I could go on and on!
  3. I really love Fake Bake Body Polish...it has no soap in it, a nice scent (even though I prefer unscented) and does a really good job.

    I love using Cetaphil for oily skin cleanser on my body.

    I love Chantecaille Retinol body lotion, but it's over priced.
  4. Ren Ginger Revivo-Tonic Two Sugar Body Scrub. It costs $28, which isn't bad considering it comes in a pretty large tub. I am addicted to this, as are many others w sensitive skin (It is used before bathing, which made me skeptical at first, but you will feel like you were at a spa afterwards!). I discovered this through my British friends who go crazy for this stuff- it has cult status there apparently (kind of like the way over-priced Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub does here in the US). The Ren line is also free of petrochemicals and parabens if that is a concern for you. (you can buy it at spaceNK apothecary). Ren also carries great body moisturizers, but which to use would depend on your fragrance preference :smile:
  5. I will always love everything from The Body Shop. Everything smells nice along with working for me.
  6. L'Occitane and Kiehl's Creme de Corps range.

    Makes my skin glow all over.
  7. I love Body Shop's body butters. They're so moisturizing and a lot of them smell good.

    I love LUSH's buttercreams. They don't last long but I really like most of them, especially heavenly bodies and the almond one, forget what it's called.

    I also like pretty much anything by Dove.
  8. Philosophy makes a good body butter and wash. Try that, it works for me.
  9. I have tried a lot of different products but good old Dove Cream Oil body washes are my favorite.
  10. Philosophy Amazing Grace is my favorite!!! The smell is to die for, and it's soooo moisturizing...
  11. If you've got dry skin, try the Eucerin 10% urea lotion. It'll sort it out in a jiffy!
  12. I like Dove's body washes and Bath and Body Works lotions.
  13. hm a great scrub is at walmart and it's really cheap. Better then the more expensive ones I've bought. It comes in either a sugar or salt scrub in little tubs and they smell SOO GOOD! I suggest the salt scrub if it's really dry. Smells citrusey and leaves your skin soft.

    Try Dove or Olay Oil washes.

    And for lotion try eucerin as someone already suggested. Or for patches try Weleda skin food from target.
  14. I want a scrub but I have REALLY wensitive skin, i get a weird rash with ALmost everything including johnson and johnson baby products. Does anyone have any luck with a scrub for sensitive skin?
  15. Olay from their super moisturizing ribbons body wash to their soothing face night cream.. hehe I'm sucha cheapskate stingy on skin... I need the extra $$$ for handbags!