What is the best BBag to carry to work (fits files, books, laptops, etc)

  1. I may trade up and get a Work instead of a City for fall, so I was wondering...does anyone carry a laptop in their Work? Mine is a Mac PowerBook G4, 15"...not huge or terribly heavy, and I would only need to carry it one evening a week back and forth to a class. And the laptop would be in a neoprene case inside for cushioning. What does everyone think? :huh:
  2. ET, i don't carry a laptop in my work... but the stuff that i carry could be equivalent to carrying a laptop. the work would be perfect for a laptop... especially with the thick leather this season. go for it!
  3. i would not put my laptop in a balenciaga... :p
    my laptop is ibook 12" and it's still quite heavy if u carried it for hours. i let my chole edith for this weight :p
  4. seahorse, my laptop is about 1" too wide for my Edith! I would not be carrying it for long...just from the car to class and back (maybe 5 minutes each way) one day a week for the semester. I don't think I would want to use a b-bag for everyday carrying of the laptop, but would it hurt just for ten minutes once a week?
  5. Hi ETenebris, I personally carry my laptop in my work and weekender often. I have not noticed any unusual stretching but admittedly I don't baby my bags. My laptop works great in the work especially cuz it moves around less than the weekender.
  6. my edith is the big one, so it can fits.
    i think ur b-bag can carry it if only 10 mins/week, consider it as exercise :p
    g luckkkk :smile:
  7. I wonder, does putting a laptop in the Work stretch the leather at all?
  8. i'm sure it will. i notice the handles are stretching a tad on mine, which is a good thing. it fits better on my shoulders.
  9. Ok - yes, that makes sense. Thanks.
  10. I think if you don't mind stretching it, it would be okay. I don't put my
    laptop in my work because I hate to see it stretching....I feel like I'm torturing it or something :shocked: I don't think 10 minutes a week would do any harm...and if you don't mind the stretching it wouldn't be a problem
    at all :smile:
  11. Go get that work ET! you will loooove it!
  12. I carry my laptop in my city, so I think a work would be a great choice for you!
  13. emila, is that a pic of you in your avatar? If so, I must know where you got that hat!
  14. gosh, if so, she looks alot like that cutie drew barrymore ;)
  15. Dumb question here- if i carry my laptop with me alot, will the handle break? I'm just very scared!!

    What is the advantage of using a neoprene case ? Thanks!