What is the best bang around Chanel summer bag?

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  1. Is there such a thing? one that you could wear with shorts and a T and it would look appropriate?
    At first I was lusting for a white jumbo but I wouldn't want to bring that when I go to the park or run to see my daughter's sport outings (and would need to rest it on the park bench or similar setting).
    The other bag that I am considering is an Hermes Picotin in a fun color.
  2. Hi girl!! ok, you're hearing from the Chanel (and other high end lines) Fun Bag kid (me!) ::flowers:
    1. gradient fade jumbo flap (the chicness of the classic flap, but cute quirky look, and very sturdy)
    2. any coca cabas but not the satin
    3. the new killer, tdf, Kaleidoscope bag, either in the black and white print, or the multi-colored
    4. the blue fonce caviar jumbo flap, if its still around
    5. the drawstring leather Chanel.shoulderbag...its big but not oversized, and light, and also comes in the expandable....but easier to get into than the expandable flap

    There! jes a few suggestions...:yes:
  3. Luxe bowler maybe?

    It looks really nice when you wear it with a T and shorts/ jeans.
  4. hybrid jumbo! any of the hybrids, for that matter! one of the girls here just got the black medium hybrid, and it looked fantastic with a tshirt!

    it was injenue! I hope it's okay that I attached her picture!

    then again a Picotin in a fun color would look fantastic as well! I love that bag and want one myself!!! what color are you thinking of? I love it in orange and blue jean!
  5. Oh, thanks for all the great suggestions. Keep them coming. Purse, I have to look into the kaleidoscope and the drawstring (I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not familiar with them!)
    Kimalee, I was thinking about a picotin in orange or potiron. I have one in ebene right now (a very dark brown) and that is also nice for all seasons.
  6. I think Chanel's diamond stitch tote is a great knock around bag.

    (Picotin is a great idea too as long as it would fit on the shoulders for hands free).

  7. Great suggestion Kimalee! She looks amazing! It's crazy how good Chanel can make a simple tee shirt and jeans look :tup:
  8. I like the metallic reissue in white. Perfect for summer.

  9. I made a thread about this bag, and someone said it was the kaleidoscope..
    here it is in the multi colored satin
  10. what about the LA bag?
  11. i don't know the name of the style. there's a perforated expandable this year (red, white, navy) and i think it looks good with t-shirts

  12. Wow i never thought of the LA bag! That would be a great casual summer bag
  13. Last summer I used my black Baby Cabas, or my hybrid flaps, they are both very casual and work well with T shirts, jeans and flip flops! Also my Le Marias gold black flap works very casual too.
  14. I have the hybrid black jumbo, which I have worn with tanks and jeans. Its pretty durable... But I also have the diamond shine bordeaux flap. Anything in a more durable leather.