What is the best bag u suggest i can get for under $1,100?

  1. Are there any good bags that you can get for under $1,100? because i have a tight budget seeing that i am pretty young na di need something useful thats not to show-offy or small, but i reaaaaaly want a chanel bag.:heart::heart::heart::heart::confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. the only one I can think of is the Timeless clutch.
    Other than that, there's no leather bags as far as I know of.
    You're really looking more like $2k+ for a really good Chanel leather bag.
  3. Def the timeless clutch, which is really cute IMO.
  4. one of the paris biarritz ones are $995.
  5. Oh yeah, there's the little Cotton Club one that's really nice too.
  6. I have heard that the new soft n chain pochette is $995... but it's small. But way cute.
  7. The Petit Shopping Tote is a great Chanel bag. It's a little over $1100 but it's worth saving up a little more and getting this bag because you'll get lots of use with it.
  8. Depends on what type of bag you're looking for - an everyday bag vs. a night out bag. I would definitely recommend the timeless clutch - it's GORGEOUS!!! AND fits in your budget too! :nuts: :yes:
  9. the naked bags... very summer looking!
  10. it doesn't have to be a leather bag, i just don't want a clutch and i want a shoulder bag. im trying to save up for the pst but im having a hard time earning that much money so fast cause i am a minor (under 14)
  11. I agree! This was my first Chanel and I love it! It's quite affordable (in terms of Chanel), it's not too small and it will work as an everyday bag! I think mine was about $1150.
  12. I would say the PST as well, but there's that awful-if-true rumor of a price increase.
    I understand you really want a Chanel bag NOW, but if you could hold off a bit and save up more money, you may be able to get a fantastic bag that you really love to death. 1000 dollars is a lot of spend on a bag "just because" it's a Chanel -- wait for when you have the cash to get THE Chanel you are dying for.
  13. the paris biarritz is a good shoulder bag for under $1100 :yes:
  14. i really want to save up but im desperate to have one because i got one for my birthday online but it turned out to be fake! (it was actually a fantastically made fake, the guy at the chanel store said it was the best fake he'd ever seen) but, i am returning it and getting my money back so u can understand y i reaaaaaally want one now because im impatient that mine got taken away from me! lol. im trying to wait tho but im scared that ill lose the bag i want because it may be seasonal or something. i really want the medium paris-biarritz tote bag but no one seems to no wat it retails for
  15. i think it goes for 1495 or so?