What is the best bag to wear....

  1. What is the best bag to wear on an interview. With a Black Suit or Pint Striped Suit.

    THANKS :yes:
  2. anything from the black epi range. it would be so refined with the black suit!
  3. something from the Damier line would be nice too, like the Sac Plat. too much black might make you look a bit severe

  4. Anything in Damier or Suhali would be great for an interview and would look great with the outfit you'll be wearing. IMO LV Mono might get too much attention or send a wrong signal, but it depends on what type of position you're applying for, of course. Good luck on your interview. :flowers:
  5. I agree the damier would look great.
  6. I think Damier would look great....in addition a muted Epi color would add a splash a color.
    Suhali...with some nice hardware is also nice!

    I agree that regular mono is a bit flashy and might send the wrong message (i.e. "dang this girl likes LV...we can't afford her" LOL)
  7. oh yeah i forgot the Suhali line :nuts:! i carried my Suhali L'Epanoui GM to my internship interview in the summer, and nobody could tell it was LV at all. someone just said, "nice bag," or something like that :lol:
  8. Definitely Damier, a subtle epi (i.e. black, mocha, fawn, myrtille), or maybe even a Vernis in a neutral color like noisette or pearl. I personally find the hardware on the Suhali a little too flashy.
  9. Suhali in a neutral (black, white). Hot !
  10. Black MC

    the speedy :smile:
  11. Epi - very classy and understated. The Suhali might work, but I agree with a PP that the hardware is a little too shiny for an interview.
  12. I would stay away from any bag that shouts LV.

  13. oh snap your not a woman :sweatdrop:

    sorry :sweatdrop: :love:
  14. Damier Speedy 25, Epi Speedy 25 in black with silver hardware.
  15. i assume you're a guy.... so go for something subtle like black Epi or Taiga. nothing too showy as some people have adverse reactions to logos or LV in particular. which might affect their impression of you.