What is the best bag recommended for work?


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Mar 16, 2008
Hi gals,

My job requires me to wear professionally everyday. I mean, serious suit and stuff. My most regularly used bag is black Jumbo caviar and white jumbo caviar (cant really go wrong with that!). I have a few different color medium flaps that I will rotate and use but I need a change. I tried the cerf tote but thats not very much my thing. Are there any Chanel totes that can match with professional outfits?

All recommendations appreciated.



Oct 2, 2006
I agree that the medallion and GST are good picks. The medallion is better if you don't need to carry documents as it won't hold as much as the GST but it won't be as heavy and big. I personally love the cerf, but if it's not your thing and you'd like something snazzy but dressy how about the new flap in a tote bag? I'm not sure what it's called, maybe the portabella?? It's gorgeoous!!!

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Apr 7, 2008
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I guess the " professional look " for you must be somethings dark or white ,no more cozy color..

I think in that case color is matter for you but luckily chanel has so many type of product for example....

- chanel classic flap ,any that in black , white , beige ,beudeux avoid dark green,dark purple which seem to be casual.
- chanel reissue , mostly go with dark color either and choose the season that not so bling bling" . I find the dark reissue FW2008 also interested.
- GST,PST in black ...for me white color is more casual look ,it's like you alread going to picknick in summer.

But in summary ,when you wear "Any Chanel" people tend toward to find you "Seriously" because of its luxery signature .

PS. Are you Attorny, Judge ,or anything close to that ?
I have my friend ,she is a Judge . When go to work,she can wear only black and white , no allow any color in her outfit. It's doom .

BTW hope you match yours eventualy.
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Mar 5, 2008
Scottsdale, AZ
A little bit out of the box but how about a Soho shopper? I use it with my suits and it looks dynamite! And it can easily be carried with jeans. I am only 5'1" but this bag is smaller at the top so it works perfectly for me.

These bags are available on ebay and the pictures don't do them justice. (You want the e/w shopper not the tall n/s).

Good luck!