What Is The Best 1st B-bag?

  1. Hi, I m really falling in love w/ B-bag aft eyeing all you Bbag-PALs collection. But there is so much choices out there, i m asking one of my friend who is visiting the state to buy one for me, can you kindly suggest which one shd i start as the first B-bag, is City a good choice, not too big and not too small, right? Do you think i still can get any blue/purple? Tia.:confused1:
  2. Hello and welcome to Bbags. I would suggest that a City is a perfect first bag. It's great for everyday use and has plenty of room for bits and pieces. Both blue and violet are new autumn colours, so your friend may be lucky and get you one from the States. Good luck and let us know what you buy.
  3. I'm going with the black city which'll be here soon! I'm so excited lol
  4. hi there! i think a city would be perfect! that was my first size...as for the color, black is always a great staple. if you want a color (and cannot get to violet), try the ocean color...its amazing and the leather on mine is the absolute best i have ever seen (i have owned over 50 bbags)--i dont think you could every go wrong though :smile: they are an addiction! beware :p congrats and let us know what you decide!
  5. You can never go wrong with a great black bag. HOWEVER, I understand that many are drawn to Bbags because of the colors! Therefore, I would recommend the new Ocean Blue or Violet (although you might not find the violet in stores)! They are great colors, but you won't have a problem wearing them with your outfits!
  6. Thanks, lizziecat, VenitiaWanter: Besides blue, violet and ocean, any other A/W07 color? What about the hardware? What is GSH, RH etc?
    Kates: Wow....i just marvel at your collection....Love!:heart:
  7. HEY GIRL! I just got my 1st Bbag :yahoo:... My choice is the Neiman’s 100th anniversary celebration gunmetal giant hardware.An exclusive version of its City Arena handbag in a stunning shade of blue. Here's my pictures. I don't know much about Bbag but I think whatever you go for.... You'll fall in love with it for sure! :yes:
  8. I just got my first bbag last week and I chose the Red City w/matching wallet. I absolutely LOVE the size and now I have to get a Black one next time.

    Let us know what you get!!!
  9. I also say black City - you will get so much use out of that bag any time of the year. And you won't worry about getting it dirty, it will just look better and better as it ages and the more you use it.

    But if you have fallen in love with Bal's awesome colors then I suggest a fun color that you like that will match a lot of your wardrobe - maybe the new violet (grape)?? But definitely go City - perfect everyday size.
  10. I vote for black city! It's a classic! And sooo versatile - goes with anything and it looks like velvet!!!!:yes:
  11. can't go wrong with a black city
  12. I got my black city this past month (my first) I absolutely love her!
  13. i just got my first b-bag less than a month ago and got a city in steel.

    It's a perfect shade of dark grey/almost black with a touch of blue/green and a light metallic sheen. I originally felt the pull towards a black city because it's such a "staple" and "safe" bag. but when I saw the steel next to the black, the black looked very dull to me. the steel has just enough POP! in it for me.
  14. Thks,RealdealcollectionI hv been to the site and i confirmed that i like a city. Just hope that it does not look too big cos i already got Miu Miu Coffer and Prada Graffeur big bag. Are you a b-bag reseller?
    dimple_butt: ;) what a cute name. Congrats on yr steel city. Is steel = plomb, is it the 07 fall color?
    Hei, Lonelydolly: I like your bag, the shape and the color are so sweet. May i know how much you bought it for, and it is still available at NM?
    Thks everyone for your input. Bal Newbie and Diorlady: yes, i like colorful b-bag. Is red fall color too?