What is the bag you measure the rest against?

  1. Ok, I love bags. And I have a nice little collection of my favourite brands. I feel satisfied! Buuuuuut

    I have just noticed that throughout my purchases, I continue to measure all new bags against a turquoise Charles David shiny leather satchel , on the mid price side, maybe, at about $325 when I bought it about 4 years ago.

    I originally bought it to match some outrageously sexy heels by CD that I loved. It has big brass accents and really bold colour. Over the years it has developed a light protective patina, and is just as stunning as the day I bought it! And it's my workhorse, going with me to amusement parks, out with kids, BBQs, extended shopping, etc. Its the bag I grab when it rains, snows, or I might be playing with my big dogs.The dirt BOUNCES off, and it has been crushed under my shoulders for years only to perfectly hold it's original shape.

    I am convinced this bag is the best value purchase I have ever made in bags. I have spent thousands on bags that have stained, broke, fallen apart, popped stitches, hardware tarnished over, and lost shape.

    I realized this week while I was shopping with it that I unconciously have begun to compare all potential and current purchases to this bag. Which is the same for you? And yes, if not for quality... looks count.

    It may take you a while to realize it... after all it took me four years! lol
  2. This is a very interesting thought -- and it is very insightful for you to admit that a "non fancy" handbag is your best purchase and your favorite bag. I agree that it takes a long time to understand a "go to" workhorse bag. I think my "go to" bag is my LV Blue epi Petit Noe. It is a shoulder bag, a "nice" size (not big, not small) and looks good with everything. It never shows wear, tear or dirt and always looks fab, elegant and classy. But I'll think about it some more and maybe come up with something else!