What is the bag with the preforated H in it?

  1. Hi ladies,

    When I was at Hermes, I noticed a small bag that looked kind of like a hobo bag and on the front was a big preforated H. Do you know the name of this bag? The colors, leathers, sizes, and prices? Thanks for the info!!
  2. It's the Evelyne! It comes in several sizes: TPM, PM, MM, and GM. In terms of leather, it comes in chevre, epsom, togo, clemence, and vibrato. You can also special order it in exotics. Price-wise I'm not too sure, I think TPM is around $1300 (give or take some), PM is close to $2000. It also comes in long-strap or short-strap format.
  3. Wow!! Thanks for the info! Does anyone have any pics of these? And measurements?? Thanks!!
  4. The Evelyne. :yahoo: I just got mine a few weeks ago. Blue Jean Clemence PM...$1675. I love this bag! Check out the Reference section for pics of the different ways you can wear it. It comes in a few sizes. I think it comes in most colors. I can't say enough good things about it. :tender:
  5. Well the one I saw was really small and the handle was attached right to the bag (it didn't have clips or hardware). Was that the TPM? Do you know the price of that one?
  6. I think that is the TPM, I see it in my little catalog. Unfortunately, the prices are all in Yen ranging from 166,000 yen to 190,000 yen.
  7. Yes, that's the TPM. I think around $1300. :yes: I can check tomorrow, I think they have one at SF.
  8. Thanks for all the info, ladies.

    You Hermes chicks rock!!
  9. I think luxury-zurich has a gold one for sale at a great price!
  10. I love love love that bag. It's on my want list.
  11. Me too! I want the twin to crochetbellas!
  12. GT, can't wait until we are bag twins!! :yahoo:
  13. Evelynes are very handy for casual bags as they can be used messenger-style. I just wish the strap is longer.
  14. I wish the strap was all leather. Everytime I've acquired an Evelyne PM, I ended up selling it because I get self-conscious about the strap. If I could SO one with a leather strap, that would be awesome!
  15. I Love The Evelyne!!! Crochetbella Your BJ Is Soooooo Beautiful!!!!!! :smile: